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Our Twelve-Days Of Christmas Surprise! LOVE and The Spirit Of giving STILL Lives,Even Year-round

Updated on August 17, 2011

Someone Is Doing The Twelve days of Christmas On Us

Strewn along from chimnney to tree, effort to make it seem it was Santa who brought them.
Strewn along from chimnney to tree, effort to make it seem it was Santa who brought them. | Source
humble tree, kids set it up
humble tree, kids set it up | Source

A Very Special Christmas

Christmas 2010 was made Special by some very wonderful people. Only they know who they are. During the beginning of the Christmas season there was a knock on the door about 7pm. We usually don't get company, specially later in the evening so we were curious to know who it was. We don't have a peep-hole on the door so we looked out the window and tried to see who it was, but couldn't. We turned on the porch-light and cautiously opened the door. On the floor in front of the door was a loaf of homemade bread and a jar of homemade grape jelly with a note saying, "we are doing the twelve days of Christmas on you, don't try to catch us or you will ruin it."

I thought it was the sweetest thing--in such a busy world--that someone made the time to make the bread and jelly, and then bring it to us, wow!--just so SWEET!

My 11 year old daughter was so excited. She loves spy games, movies and books. She thought this was an opportunity to solve a mystery. Telling us not to "catch them" only gave her the incentive to try--she was on it! Every night she waited anxiously for the bell to ring or the knock on the door. She would rush and look around for the culprit, but was never able to get a good look. Whoever it was ran fast or hid well. She had her suspicions. She thought it was our back-yard neighbors the Laytons. When we got the bread and jelly I thought it was them too. Mrs Layton is very good at making homemade things like bread. Over the next few days the gifts got more expensive and varied such as a $100 gift card, a bicycle, sleds, etc. etc. and many more of them. I thought it wasn't possible for one family to be able to afford it. The Laytons are a humble average family, not wealthy in the least. I was so overwhelmed by the number and the expense,and time these people were taking. Each gift came individually and beautifully wrapped and labeled with our names. and there were many--sackfulls of them. I couldn't imagine the amount of time and money these people were using on us. I was in shock and so grateful to the point of feeling horribly bad--it was just too much,just too much. We didn't need all those things. The bread and jelly were more than enough and we were grateful to feel loved, cared about and thought-off, but the cards and the gifts were to much. I couldn't handle it. at one point I was on the verge of tears. I expressed my feelings to my ever-wise 12 year-old daughter who was so enjoying the experience and she said. "Mom just enjoy it, let them do it. I bet they are having fun doing it too. Don't ruin it." So I tried my best, but the kindness was so great and overwhelming it was hard not to feel bad and guilty. I felt that there were others who probably needed those things more than us. We don't have everything, but we always have enough and sometimes a little more than what we need.

Christmas All Year Long, Christmas Shopping and Gift Making

As I shared my Christmas experience with my patients:we talked about the expense of giving, the time it takes to shop, wrap and deliver presents. I learned that many of them specially those with grand kids actually Christmas shop year-round. They keep an eye out for sales during the year and keep their family in mind so that if they see something fitting to a certain someone, they buy it and save it till Christmas. Therefore, many of them have their shopping done by the beginning of Christmas and avoid the lines and stress of last minute shopping. Others like to make the gifts themselves things such as wooden carvings, knitted sweaters, hats, baby blankies, photo albums, hand bags etc. making it easier to give in a harsh economy. It has taken me eight months to publish this, but the spirit of Christmas should live all year long and hopefully it will help someone be well prepared for the coming Christmas season.


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