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A - Z list of Xmas Gift Ideas

Updated on March 22, 2011

Christmas is round the corner and there is always so much shopping to do for family, friends, acquaintances and young ones.

Below is an A – Z list of ideas of things you can get or they might help direct your thoughts to think of something else. As long as you have got some good ideas, my job is done.

Happy Shopping. ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶


A to G

A – Angel Ornaments, Aromatherapy set, Acoustic Guitar, Address Book.

B – Beauty gift sets, Books Baby Albums.

C – Cufflinks, Cuddly Toys, Cd’s, Calenders.

D – Dolls (Barbie/Cindy / Superman), Disney Merchandise, Digital Voice Recorder Spy Pen.

EExperience Gifts This includes flying experiences, Water experiences, Pamper days and more in link.

F – Foot Spa, Funny Gifts, Fake aquarium, Fairy Costumes, Facial Steamer.

G – Glittering Gifts, GPS (Satellite Navigation), Game Boy.

H to O

H – Home Robot, Home gifts (candles/frames/ see more in link), Hair Straightener, Hair extensions or other accessories.

I – Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Accessories.

J - Jumper, Jacket, Japanese doll.

K – Kareoke Machine, Key Finder, Kawasaki Digital drum, Karma Sutra gifts.

L – Lady Gaga Merchandise (for kids), Lingerie, Ladies Wallet, Lampshade.

M – Massager, MP3 and IPOD sound hat, Magazine Subscriptions.

N – Nail Beauty set, Nike Wear, Neck Tie.

O – Obama Merchandise, Office gift, Ornaments.

P to Z

P – Perfume, Personalised gifts, Pet Gifts, Polarised 3D Movie Glasses, Plants, Painting.

Q - Quilted throw, Quiz game (for kids), Quirky Gifts.

R – Remote controlled cars, Radio/Cd players / Race Car Gifts, Ring holder.

S – Sports Merchandise for famous Sports person, Starwars Merchandise, Sailing gifts, Sculpture.

T - Tickets for a Concert, Teddy bear (kids), Talking Bottle Opener, Tennis Gifts.

U – USB Heated Slippers, Union Jack Clothes (UK),  USB Gadgets.

V – Vouchers from various stores, Vibrating Head Massager, Video Camcorder.

W – Watches, Wii games, Walkie talkies.

X – Xfactor DVd’s etc, Xbox or Xbox games

Y – Yoga Accessories (Yoga mats, pants, bag, kit etc)

Z – Zhu Zhu Pets Baby Hamster Stroller, Zebra prints (something with zebra prints on e,g rug, sheets etc., Zodiac Signs.

"So, have you made up your mind?"


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