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A day to remember called Valentine!

Updated on February 14, 2011

A place for you & me sweet heart!

Valentine's Day! This should be every day...

Why people label one day yearly, and call it "Valentine", why not every day!!! Why people wait too long till they express their own true feelings/emotions of love. Why don't they be simply open, and straightforward when it concerns love, and relationships? I have nothing against men but I suppose

Men think that women are complicated, moody, and hard to deal with..Some are sensitive, and get the picture sooner than others but some might take them a life time to break a certain woman's code or heart, lol...

The story isn't that mysterious, and much simpler than you imagine. The secret could be behind a gesture, a move, a hug, a word or even a simple touch.

What women want or even need is not very hard to graspe or understand. Love is a two way road, and must be open with a heart full of love, care, respect, and attention.

What a woman is in need shouldn't puzzle men like this. Women aren't in need for material things only... Money isn't everything but it sure helps in translating your intentions sometimes, lol. Women are in need for a simple warm word from a sincere loving heart. Women should be awarded with compassion, love, sincere emotions, and undivided attention. Love should be UNCONDITIONAL... It's that simple.

So, a rose, a box of Candy or chocolate might save your Valentine's day! But the question is: will it save your love relationships????? It's Possible if your actions are meaningful, and louder than just empty words. Try to combine warm words with sincere actions, the result could be more effective these days even though it's only virtual, and online, lol. So, what are your plans for today??? I sure hope something special, and away from the The web might help a little but In this case, love should be realistic, up close, and very personal. After all, it's only once a year.

Happy Valentine everyone, and may your heart be always filled with love.... Love is the way, and the key to open all closed doors...

3Angels Power Film Production INC

Gladys Karam


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