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A few astrological ideas about the summer solstice 2011

Updated on June 19, 2011
The sun gives life to the earth - the summer solstice celebrates the peak of solar energy in our planet
The sun gives life to the earth - the summer solstice celebrates the peak of solar energy in our planet

What's in a solstice

Solstices mark two important points of the year when the earth reaches a point of culmination in its journey around the sun. Both summer and winter solstices are determined by where we are, so while the Northern Hemisphere will be celebrating the Summer Solstice next week, the Southern Hemisphere will celebrate its winter equivalent.

The solstice brings about the image of culmination with a clear message from nature: light or darkness last the longest during that day, before retracting to give way to the next season. The Summer Solstice marks the day with the longest period of light and suggests a peak of energy that manifests in nature and leads us to become extroverted and to open up to everything surrounding us. Likewise, the winter solstice will mark the shortest period of day light in one day and suggests the need for introversion and intimate connection.

2011 - A summer solstice like no other

The astrological position of some of our solar system planets this year is highlight the need to tune in with the solstice energy. Astrology is all about awareness of our connection with the universe and perhaps some have already felt the truth of this statement thanks to the collection of world events we are experiencing. It is not a coincidence that we are seeing uprising in Middle Eastern countries, that nuclear energy is troubling us and that the earth is feeling less stable than ever from social issues to natural disasters around the world.

When the sun enters Cancer on 21 June we start the countdown towards a Cardinal Cross, a connection between planets located in cardinal signs symbolizing the falling of outdated structures and the beginning of what is new and replaces the old. There are already three important bodies involved in this Cardinal Cross: Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. As a result, we have seen some interesting development and the falling of structures that serve no purpose in society. However, once the sun joins the Cardinal Cross we are likely to find that these need for new structures would become pressing and manifest more closely in our day to day lives.

Cardinal Birth Signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

People who are born under the above birth signs may be experiencing changes and dramatic transformation in a more closer way than the rest of us. Events surrounding their personal experiences are likely to involve the need to re-evaluate their lives and make adjustments that involve a great deal of emotional energy.

With the sun transiting Cancer, the other cardinal birth signs have an opportunity to find clarity. The sun symbolizes light and illumination. In order to sort a problem or put order in chaos, we need light and purpose. These two will be very helpful to keep at hand and should be used consciously. Hoping that trouble will pass and everything will come back to normal is certainly not going to help to deal with the current planetary configuration.

There are three key words for those experiencing the Cardinal Cross in their personal lives: discipline, surrender and detachment. Learning to let go and accept the existence of a greater force than our own will are new disciplines, particularly in relationships where we naturally tend to believe we are or should be in control.

Ideas for the Solstice

Take a conscious step and face your part of the responsibility in the current state of affairs around the world. Nothing is isolated and small as our contribution may seem, each of us is either part of the problem or the solution.

Being aware of the need for harmony is the first step. The exact time of the solstice varies from one country to another but if on 21 June 2011 we make a conscious effort during the day to remember that we are responsible for the welfare of every human being, and for the welfare of the planet, we can start generating a new wave of energy to support a positive change and the destruction of structures that stop us from evolving and connecting with our potential.

Meditation during this month is essential to find silence and stillness. These are times of great change and movement, and the only way to approach these is with a calm mind. Meditation does not have to be static, in one uncomfortable position for hours on end (in fact this defeats its purpose). You can meditate any time you carry out an activity that takes your emotional, mental and physical energy in one single direction. Try to meditate through every activity you do during the day.

Finally, nurture is emphasized during the transit of the sun through Cancer. Observe and be careful where do you get your nurture from: images, ideas, food, air, water, emotions and relationships are just some examples of what nurtures you. Choose carefully where your nurture comes from and how it shapes your emotional and psychological state.


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