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A Christmas present for your boyfriend

Updated on October 25, 2016

A Christmas present for your boyfriend

So it's the holiday season and you need a Christmas present for your boyfriend. What's it going to be this year?

Do you want your present to be "just another" or would you like it to standout from the crowd? Let's make it special this year!

Every year your boyfriend gets the same old thing, a sweater, maybe a coat, or a new video game. These are things he can buy for himself. They are just the usual. They don't stand out! Do you want to be part of the "same 'ole same 'ole"? Or do you want to be the one that gave him that special something?

By taking the time to get him something he wouldn't have thought of, let alone gotten for himself, you will show him you cared enough to give him the thought he deserves and that something that stands out from the rest! He'll love you for it!

Think outside

outside the box
outside the box | Source

Think outside the box!

When it comes to a Christmas present for your boyfriend, there are two ways to do it.

One- you can give him some of the same old standbys, clothing, some jewelry,or a video game. and he will thank you and forget about it the rest of the year.

Or two- you can think outside the box and give him something unexpected that he'll show to all his friends for the duration of the gift (thinking of you each time).

You want him to think about you all year around. Why not give him something He'll use all year around and think of you while he enjoys it? If you want to be special, give him something special!

Try an Ipod

The redesigned, ultra-portable iPod nano now has a larger, 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display. Play your favorite songs, browse music by genre, or listen to Genius playlists and FM radio. Or watch movies and widescreen videos on the bigger screen. A perfect workout partner, iPod nano tracks your steps, your runs, and burned calories and syncs to the Nike+ website to challenge friends. And with built-in Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly connect to speakers, headphones, or car stereos.

Christmas shopping

Is this you?
Is this you? | Source

Make it something You can live with!

When choosing his gift remember it is important to remember he will be using it to the max. So, unless you like basketball, don't get him season tickets. Instead, give him a gift he'll enjoy and want to share with that someone special,!

Look, you can spend a hundred or two hundred dollars on a winter coat. He'll probably love it this winter. But will he even think of it in July? Will he remember you and your hum drum gift?

Or you can give him something that not only surprises the Bejesus out of him, but something he'll enjoy all year around, and think about that special someone that took the time to get it!

It's up to you!

Whether or not you decide to go with unique is a matter of personal choice. Usually it's best to consider what kind of impression you want to make and how close your relationship is. Maybe you aren't sure if you want to continue the relationship. May be you do. Whatever your final decision, do you want to be remembered as the girl that was boring and plain, or the exciting, surprising, girl that got (or almost) got away?

Think Movie night

Now here's something sure to impress him! This is the most cost-effective model of CAIWEI projectors. With all quality features of native Resolution: 1280x720, Support Max Resolution: WUXGA (1920*1200); Brightness: 2800 Lumens; Contrast Ratio: 3000:1; Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Native, 4:3 Compatible. It has all the interfaces You will want: USB,VGA,TV,3.5mm AUTO OUTPUT. And the most popular ones, HDMI, for your HD video player,XBOX,PS3,PS4 and other gaming console,Apple devices like Iphone, Ipad, Macbook. (NOTE: There are 2 HDMI ports on A6 STANDARD, but only 1 HDMI port on ANDROID and ANDROID+DVBT MODEL.) It is a reasonable compact size, which is good for easily carry, placed and setup. You can use it indoor, outdoor in a dark environment. With ideal projecting distance range from 7ft to 17ft, vertical and horizontal image flips enabled, allowing FRONT, REAR and CEILING mount, the projector could always find a perfect spot for you and him. Just think of a movie night with your honey and a private screening!

Home Theater

What about you?

What kind of Christ Present will you give your boyfriend?

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How about his own DRONE!

Here's something he'll be pleasantly surprised to find under his tree! This Quadcopter has Altitude Hold, a custom route mode and one-button take off and land! He won't need to go to drone school to fly this, it comes ready to fly straight out of the box! It's one button take off and land will make him an instant pro! He can set the hover altitude he likes and trace his route on the mobile app screen. Then enjoy the HD first person feed for a view like none he's ever seen. And it is VR headset compatible for a “like I'm right there” experience. This is perfect for scouting hunting spots too!

Comes with:
~U45W Drone
A 2.4Ghz Controller , 3.7V 500mAh Battery x 2, USB Battery Charger, 4GB SanDisk Micro SD Card, SD Card Reader, some Spare Propellers (4), a Screwdriver, and of course a User Manual.

FIRST PERSON VIEW with VR HEADSET COMPATIBILITY: Watch a live video feed of your flight from your iPhone or Android Smart mobile device with the FPV WiFi feature.

  • ALTITUDE HOLD FUNCTION: SUPER EASY DRONE FOR BEGINNERS TO FLY: Makes controlling the drone a breeze for beginners and stabilizes aerial photography. This is the ideal beginner drone with a lot of the latest features typically found on higher end models.

  • ONE TOUCH TAKE OFF AND LANDING: Drone automatically hovers at a set altitude after take off and before landing making it easy to control and maneuver, especially for beginners who are not yet skilled.

  • CUSTOM ROUTE MODE -Trace the desired flight path on the mobile app screen and the drone will fly along the path unassisted

  • HD CAMERA: Capture 720p high definition aerial photos and videos with 2MP camera; Sync it to your controller to really bring life to your flights!

This is something he won't expect and he'll absolutely love it! Impress him with one this year.

Be Careful!

When buying a unique gift there are some pitfalls to watch out for! For instance, don't get him something risque if he's going to open it in front of his parents! and if he's a nondrinker, shot glasses are probably not the best choice. So be sure to consider whether or not he'll actually use it. You're going to want something that is unique, exciting, and that he'll want to show off to all his friends and family!

Make your gift, showy, different, and exciting! make it something he can't wait to use. And something he'll want to show off!

What does he really want?

Which box?

When you think outside the box you need to remember which box you're out of! While it needs to be a surprise, it still has to be something he's interested in as well as something he'll actually use! So make sure it is something he will appreciate as well as love! Make it something He'll always remember and remember who gave it to him! This year why not make it something he'll want to give you a special "Thank You" for?

He'll love you for it

He'll totally love it!
He'll totally love it! | Source


Usually a unique gift falls into one of these categories:

Tools- something to help him do something.

Accessories- something to show something else off.

Or,Trophies- things that accent something else.

You don't want to be 'usual'! Your gift is going to be, toys, entertainment, fun and exciting! It's going to be something he didn't expect, but wishes he'd thought of it himself! You want to stand out!

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