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Updated on March 13, 2013


It’s St. Patrick’s Day in old Ireland

Lots of ale will flow to music by a band.

Singing raucous chants of men robust

And lilting love songs that are a must.

Merrily wasting away the night.

Life was good, in fact just right.

Lionel the leprechaun was nodding his head.

Who could he save before going to bed.

He called the Elfin village to a meeting

To whom should they give a special greeting.

They all shouted out in one strong voice.

Angus McLean is our mutual choice.

Angus did not know about this resolution

He was too busy drinking and harming his constitution.

The Elves thought and talked the evening through

Deciding what course of action to pursue.

Together they hit upon a feasible plan.

To make Angus repent and save his soul again.

The Elves ran away to gather their tools

They were ingenious not a bunch of fools.

Lionel danced and whirled his sparkler.

The fog rolled in making it much darker.

A pulsating mist came pouring in just behind.

Walking home Angus would find the weather unkind.

An Irishman on the way home from the bar

Needs a very wide road to walk very far.

The Elves placed sticks and stones to narrow the road

Leaving Angus just a path with his liquid load.

They gathered nearby to lend nature a hand

Hoping that Angus would soon be a reformed man.

Lionel ran in circles uttering sounds like a boom.

A rush of air and three witches arrived on a broom.

The Elves watched as Lionel instructed the witches

How to scare Angus right out of his britches.

The bar was closing and it was getting late

The witches and Elves sat down to wait.

Angus came out of the bar singing a song

Started down the path tripping on the sticks and stones.

Getting up he could not see the familiar road

Only fog and mist and his torn clothes.

He started out again in a strait line

But after three steps he fell in some slime.

Very confused and not sure or really caring.

Angus stood and tried to determine his bearing.

He wasn’t sure anymore which way was home.

His shoulders dropped he was there alone.

A cackling witch swooped down right near his head

“If not for us Angus, you might be dead”.

She flew around him spinning him too

In the process he lost his right shoe.

Another witch appeared before his eyes

“Angus, repent or say all of your goodbyes.”

A third witch hovered over his head

Cackling and pronouncing him soon to be dead.

The fourth witch stood in front of Angus and cried

Do you want to be saved or be prune dried?

Angus was near crying and dripping tears.

“Help me”, he cried, showing his fears.

“Are you sure, Angus, you will change your ways,

Or will you go back to the good old days.”

“I promise”, cried Angus, holding his head,

“No more Ale nor leaving my bed.”

Lionel the Leprechaun took Angus by the hand,

Down the narrow path and out of the badland.

All the Elves danced around them singing

Angus felt good his faith was not shrinking.

From that night on Angus was a different man.

Caring husband and father, of his Irish clan.

He knew his luck was not his doing at all.

He thanked God for the Elves who heeded the call.

He loved his new life and so did his wife.

The Luck of the Irish ended his strife.

Copyright 2007

Robert Hewett Sr.


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    • ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

      rOBERT hEWETT SR. 5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      Thank you Kimberly and Lee for your great comments. Happy Easter to you. Bob

    • profile image

      Leokadia Durmaj 5 years ago

      A wonderful tale for St Patricks Day, a sheer delight, creative, imaginative, you could not help but smile. Many Lessons Angus did learn along the way home. (Smile) A pleasure to read this wonderful piece Bob. Best wishes always, Leokadia

    • KimberlyLake profile image

      Kimberly Lake 5 years ago from California

      Great for St Patty's day. Voted up and SHARED. Thank you Robert.