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Abby Cadabby Party Supplies Buy Online and Save

Updated on June 4, 2011

Abby Cadabby

One thing I have learned being a parent of a girl for the second time around is that it is okay to actually watch and enjoy what my toddler watches on television. And I admit it, I love Abby Cadabby. She is just the sweetest thing and if your looking for Abby party supplies then I assume you have a little one who is just in love as my toddler and I are.

For her second birthday all I heard was how she wanted dabby, yes- you read it right, she calls her dabby. But regardless, this is what she wanted. An Abby cake, Abby dolls, Abby plates, Abby hats, heck, she would've had Abby ice cream if they made such a thing (between you and I? strawberry ice cream worked perfectly). So I went to the nearby party supply retail shop and went shopping. It didn't last long. I about fainted at the cost! $5.00 for a balloon of Abby? No way...I love my daughter and I love Abby but I like to eat too.

So I searched online. Found awesome deals and a much better variety! So f your looking for Abby supplies and didn't leave the shopping until the day before (I highly discourage that) then you are in the right spot!

The Ultimate Abby Party!

I was amazed with everything that is available for Abby Cadabby regarding party supplies. Napkins, cake toppers, balloons~ the list is endless. But you cannot beat the all in one Deluxe Party Kit! It is set up for up to 16 guests. And everything included has the sweet little fairy herself on it! This is really the way to go if your looking to get everything at once.

The Abby Cadabby Deluxe Party Kit includes:

  • 16 Abby Cadabby Plates
  • 16 Napkins
  • 16 Paper Cups
  • 16 Invitations
  • 16 Blowouts

If that wasn't enough...there is also:

  • 2 Abby CadabbyTablecovers
  • 1 Banner
  • 2 centerpieces of Abby herself
  • 16 Purple Forks, Knives and spoons

Don't think I'm done yet...

  • 20 Assorted Color Balloons
  • Light Pink Curling Ribbon 66ft:
  • Pink Crepe Streamer 81ft
  • Purple Crepe Streamer 81ft
  • 12 Birthday Candles

What little girl would not love to have a party with her fellow fairy? It would certainly be a party remembered!

Abby Pinata

I wont lie, my daughter cried at the thought of destroying Abby, so we emptied the candy on the ground and let the kids scramble for it and the pinata remains hanging from her ceiling. But this is just too adorable not to have at your childs party.

Abby Cadabby Costume
Abby Cadabby Costume

Dress Like Abby!

What little girl doesnt want to be the life and star of her own party? This costume is just too awesome for your child not to wear! Could you just imagine the other kids faces when Abby comes to her own party? Too fun...This costume includes the dress, wings and hair ties and is an officially licensed Sesame Street ® costume.

Here's an idea?

Invite the children/guests to dress as their favorite character from Sesame Street! No child can resist the opportunity to dress up and play make believe!

Abby Must Haves!

I know money is tight, but we want our birthday girl and her guests to be happy. So I have found some things that I feel would be great for guests in the party favor bag or that they could wear for the party and later play dates.

Depending on your party size, the headbands of Abby I feel are a great idea. All the children and adults will not be able to resist smiling from ear to ear with one on.

The favor boxes are also a huge hit. I remember going to parties when I was younger and you just left with a full belly and a smile. But as we parents know, party favors are a must. I have provided a couple inexpensive boxes below that I am sure would be great for the party.

You can't go wrong with Abby Cadabby as the theme to your childs party, after all, fairies make wishes come true, right?


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    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

      Sylvia Van Peebles 6 years ago from Southern California

      Good info. I'll pass it along to my neighbor. My youngest is now 17!