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About Flashpacker

Updated on May 15, 2016

The term first appeared around the 2000. Flashpacker indeed the word is relatively new and less popular than the backpacker or a tourist. If backpacker is a traveler who paced economical, flashpacker is a traveler is more " do not pay attention to money " than backpacker. Flashpacker are people who position themselves between Backpacker and Tourist . Backpacker and Flashpacker actually have some basic similarities. An example is in terms of the freedom of time, both types are equally loved the freedom of time in traveling . They do not like arranged by travel agents and tend to plan their own trips. The difference, if Backpacker 's " budget oriented", then Flashpacker more "experience -oriented " as they preferred a memorable traveling experience , making it a little loose against the budget.

Flashpacker Principle :

1.Non it must , however comfortable it was also mandatory Flashpacker Principle

2.Rather than go by bus and spent dozens of hours of travel , mending plane. Flashpacker Principle

3.Jeep ride a little bit expensive to Bromo does not matter, what matters see the sunrise is reached . Flashpacker Principle

4.Tetep stylish let pantes posted on social media

Flashpacker have a special place. They also carry an SLR camera and a variety of gadgets to support their documentation. In addition to socmed, they also usually good at photography and is a reliable document the tour.


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