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Add Excitement to your Adventure trip with the best Hiking Sandals

Updated on April 28, 2014

Good trip begins with Good shoes

Strong comfortable protection for the feet
Strong comfortable protection for the feet | Source

Feet love the comfort and protection of hiking sandals

Most of the fashion aspects of the present youth are well defined. This includes their clothes and hairdo but they like to redefine their style. Breaking trends and making new paths is easy if you have the right footwear, or the correct hiking sandals. Now, hiking is an adventure sport that has many callers in the young set. They are the group of rugged people who love mountain climbing and hitting the trail.

Make your adventures filled with excitement

Very often, when one wants to go an extra mile or go out of the way to visit some tourist spot or place of cultural importance, the members of your expedition who are willing to go along are those who are well prepared. Adventure kit or successful hiking expeditions begin with great hiking sandals and hiking clothes. After all it is the feet that will bear the brunt of your expedition.

Difference that your hiking sandals make

Unlike the rest of the fashion accessories such as cap, bag or clothes, footwear is always taking a beating in an adventure or hike. The clothes are changed every day and bags are lifted from place to place. The cap is light and is rarely subjected to any kind of stress or strain. The hiking sandals rubs against the ground, get hit by rocks and stones, and yet keep the person very comfortable.

Hiking Sandals are worth our appreciation

Choosing the correct hiking sandal is important for many reasons, primarily for being a footwear, an essential part of a wardrobe. One has to consider these things when choosing a pair of hiking sandal. They must be:

  1. Light
  2. Durable
  3. Attractive and trendy
  4. Suitable for trekking
  5. Easy to maintain

Wrap your feet in sandal comfort

Light and comfortable hiking sandals
Light and comfortable hiking sandals | Source

Utility value of footwear

Charming as they are in appearance, the hiking sandals are also tough on the inside. They can take the roughs, the ups and the downs with grace and equanimity. Their utility value in the hike is high because if they are gone, the hiker cannot go on

Comparison of various material used for making sandals

Plus or minus
Tough, flexible characteristic color
Fashionable, durable but heavy
Synthetic Material
Tough and light
Not very durable but easy on the feet
Colorful but not robust
Suitable for occasions and festivals
Tough and light
Great for tackling swampy areas
Long lasting but not so flexible
Takes getting used to
Pick your Hiking Sandal

While cloth and wood are impractical those made of rubber, leather and synthetic material have their utility value. It is fashionable to have matching clothes for your shoes. Rubber sandals are of particular importance in places that have wet or damp environment around the trail such as walks by the river and waterfalls. Leather shoes may prove to be too stiff for free walking and may not suit wet conditions.

Practical choices determine the pair

Hiking sandals made of synthetic material like plastic look great, wear well and are light. Well-shaped ones have comfortable interiors and are the best choice for any outdoor sport or adventure. In addition, hiking sandals have an advantage that one can remove them easily removed or put them on easily. This is useful when you are taking short breaks after an exhaustive trek.

It is useful to choose a standard brand of hiking sandals. You will see plenty of shops online that have fantastic collections with various special features for different brands. Your local shop may be the watering hole where you get your right fit and so it is worth checking out the place. If they have what you want then it may save you a lot of time and effort.

Graceful and elegant hiking sandals

Try on your hiking sandals and then make the choice
Try on your hiking sandals and then make the choice | Source

Calling it a day after all

Trekking is more fun when the going is rough, they say. Jungle paths and mountainside tracks are likely to draw more attention from the hiker than the casual cobbled path by the riverside. The fun, which lies in the beauty of nature, takes a toll on the adventurer’s footwear. However, they always have the best hiking sandals and great outdoor clothes to see them home.


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