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Adding Disney-like Halloween Magic to Your Home

Updated on October 29, 2014

Please note: I do not work for, or represent, Disney in any way. These are just observations I’ve made from viewing a large variety of Disney Halloween decorations. To buy Disney Halloween decorations directly, please go here.

Photo taken by: JD Hancock
Photo taken by: JD Hancock | Source

Disney is an amazing organization, even more so around Halloween. The phrase “subtly spooked” is perhaps the best way to describe the atmosphere they create. When we decorate our homes this Halloween, we may want to infuse some of that magic feeling. Here are several methods you can use to build your party or home with a touch of Disney-like magic, short of visiting the theme park.


Use a lot of color. Decorations still need to have some matching pattern, but the more color the better. Purples and oranges are excellent to use. Green is another fantastic color to use. Fashion can be ignored, so long as the feel is distinctly Halloween. For example, orange with black dots works well, but only during this time of year.

Cute vs. Gross

No “gross” decorations and that includes fake blood. Disconnected or rotting flesh is off limits entirely. That means anything with zombies is out, however skeletons would work. Ghosts also work, so long as their death is not shown in any way. (You can have a ghost with a quick backstory, just do not include the death in that back story. For example, you can have a lumberjack ghost, just don't show the ghost with an axe in the head) Wounds and things that cause wounds are also out. Cute is king.

Everything must smile

If there is a face on the decoration, make sure that decoration is smiling and happy. No sharp tooth pumpkins with menacing looks. If unsure if the smile is menacing or happy, look towards the eyes. If the eyes are sharply drawn, then anticipate that the smile is menacing. The idea is to have the decoration inviting, not scaring.

Soft swoops

Avoid crisp straight lines for more curly or swooping lines. For example, a witches hat should be crooked at the end to make it softer feeling. A witches hat that has a straight point feels rigid and unwelcoming. Another example might be a pumpkin stem. A slightly crooked pumpkin stem feels softer and more inviting. By reducing sharp angles and lines, a more welcoming feeling occurs.

Cute Characters = Large Head

When characters have large heads, large eyes, smaller bodies, and large hands/feet we view them as cuter. Perhaps these characterizations are why we find baby animals so cute. The opposite is also true: a skinny tall man with a sharp small head will be seen as threatening. Focus on cute and non-threatening as much as possible.

Using these tips above, let us focus in on a “Disney Feeling” for decorations.


Photo taken by: Wonderlane
Photo taken by: Wonderlane | Source

This decoration misses the mark. First, the decoration is not very colorful. Next, the torso is missing, making you wonder what happened to the rest of the body. Finally, the creature is not smiling. The fact that the creature is hanging above is also an indication that it is menacing, which is against most Disney magic ideas presented here.


Photo taken by: Dorian Wallender
Photo taken by: Dorian Wallender | Source

This decoration is getting closer. The skeleton is smiling, but this doesn’t have color to it. The smile is also a little bizarre. Furthermore, the eyes are little odd, which may make the image a bit more gross than expected.

This decoration also has kind of a cheap feel to it. We want quality that will last Halloween season to season.


Photo taken by: Joshua Smith
Photo taken by: Joshua Smith | Source

Here we go. Smiling, several colors, soft curves, and a playful vibe. This ducky also has a larger head, making it extra cute.

The quality of this decoration also helps emphasize that how long lasting the decoration will be.


Photo taken by: Richard Elzey
Photo taken by: Richard Elzey | Source

This one has potential! Another example of a decoration that might have a touch of Disney magic (though this one looks to be of a bit lower quality). Here the skeleton is smiling and the red hat and buckle sash add color and playfulness. The only thing that could be improved is if the head was a bit larger.

In summation, the best way to add a little Disney-magic, again short of visiting the theme park, is to pay attention to these specific details. Colorful, cute, smiling, character with soft swoops will help give a sense of playful invitation. Disney is all about the details, and focusing on these ones will help turn your home a little more bright.

Which suggestion do you think works the best?

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