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Adult Day

Updated on January 10, 2013

There is a day for almost everything all over the world: a day for children, fathers, mothers, books, trees, firefighters, police, pets, bosses, etc. What is there were suddenly - and without any warning - a day set aside for adults? For those adults who are not mothers, fathers, firefighters, secretaries, police or bosses. A day for just adults who have no money and who struggle on a daily basis just to get by and who have no hope of appealing to society for money or other kind of help for their problems like endangered species and giant redwood trees do. The only way to recognize these adults is that they are alive and cannot come up with anything unique to make their lives better or more interesting. In short, the average adult who lives day to day and is consumed by the small and seemingly petty details of daily existence.

There are tens of thousands of causes which ask for donations for whatever reason from society as a whole. Why can't or shouldn't society finally ask for donations for their own cause? Just because the majority of people have no major drama going on that would warrant asking for help or aid does not mean that they wouldn't deserve it. The silent majority is overlooked for minority interest causes when donations are asked for. Millions of people are in debt and cannot pay back school loans for make their mortgage or bill payments, yet these people don't seem to feel like they have a right to ask for money or anything else on TV fundraising drives or through non-profit organizations.

Many groups ask society for that one dollar or more donation to help children in Africa or to help a library from being shut down or to veterans. These are all noble causes and society willingly gives their money to help them. But who is going to help a totally healthy 32 year old unemployed worker who cannot find a job no matter how long he has been looking, for instance? Nobody is going around collecting money for the unemployed who want to work yet cannot find a job. This 32 year old healthy male worker would be in shock is someone told him to go out onto the street corner with a coffee mug and ask society for that dollar back that he so willingly have to whatever cause harassed him on the street as he walked to his now non-existent job.

Why doesn't he feel like he has the right to go out and use the same techniques that were used by others who took his money to get his money back now that he needs it? He would be ridiculed and condemned by society for having the audacity to ask for money for himself as he is a healthy young man. Ridiculed and condemned by the same society that gladly hands over money to other healthy young men or women that are asking for money for some "noble" cause, yet who might actually just be pocketing the money. Society feels obligated to give money to those people or things or causes that seem physically weakened and vulnerable: children, animals, veterans, the elderly etc. Yet it is strange that society refuses to give charity to healthy young people who cannot find a job. They are just considered lazy and that they should just find a job where none exist. This is hypocrisy. People should be able to just ask for money when they really need help. Majority and major problems like debt, unemployment, paying for schools etc. don't seem to warrant help from a society which willingly gives to issues which usually effect only a much smaller part of the population. For example, whenever a tornado or hurricane hits, money from donations just floods into the coffers to help those who lost their homes. However, for people who get their homes foreclosed and lose everything due to the greed or banks and having been misled by financial institutions don't get aid from society. These people don't even consider asking for help as society assumes that it is their fault that they are in this situation.

There should be a Day for Healthy, Employable, Unemployed Men and Women when society would be asked to donate to a fund to help these people. Someone who refuses to donate for children's causes, for example, are considered mean and selfish. However, there is nothing that says they cannot donate to healthy adults. But would they? Should society worry about and help every needy group out there except for those who are constantly called upon and solicited to help everyone else?

Adult's Day would not differ from other fundraising events. There would be events and speeches highlighting the plight of perfectly healthy adults who cannot get employed. If they cannot make money who will society turn to in the future for aid for everyone else? There would be people ringing bells calling out "Please donate a dollar to the poor, unemployed healthy adults fund!" The vent can also be personalized like when a child, a dog or a veteran is is put on stage to give the cause a human face, this even would feature a John Doe who is healthy and young who would describe his frustration at not being able to find a job and support his family and how he has never asked for charity in his life before and never even thought of doing so before Adult's Day became instituted. There would be a tear-filled plea to help him get by until he can find that elusive job and get back to doing is part in society by again being able to donate a few bucks here and there to any group that solicits him again to help the people in Darfur or wherever.

The people who would be given the most aid would be the thin, the good looking and the intelligent. Why should the opposite types of people always be favored when every type is in need of help?: the good looking and the ugly, the sick and the healthy, the tired work horse and the mechanic who hasn't found a job in 15 months


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    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      You are very welcome!

    • frantisek78 profile image

      frantisek78 5 years ago

      Thanks Angela!

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      GREAT IDEA!!!!