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Adult Theme Party Ideas

Updated on February 23, 2015

A theme party can add some excitement to an ordinary party. If you are looking to have some fun throwing a party, here are some theme party suggestions.


If you are throwing a party for people of the same age group, you may want to have a decade theme party. For example, if the people at your party grew up during the 80's, then you may want to throw an 80's theme party. You could tell your guests to come dressed as 80's singers or in 80's apparel. You may want to make a play list of some good 80s songs and play them at the party. By having a decade theme party, you can bring back some nostalgia and memories of that specific time period.


For a Hollywood theme party, you could ask your guests to come dressed up as different actors and actresses. You may want to roll out a red carpet for your guests who are arriving to the party. You might also want to take videos of the event and pretend that you are the paparazzi by asking different questions and interviewing your guests. You could hold a contest to see which guests can do the best interpretation of Hollywood actors and actresses. The guests who win the contest can be given an award ceremony with a prize.


A tropical theme party may be a good party to have outdoors. However, if weather or space does not permit, an indoor tropical theme party may be just as fun. If you are interested in serving alcoholic beverages, you could make drinks with a tropical theme, such as pina coladas or mojitos. You could buy a few hula hoops and have a hula hoop contest. Some decorating ideas that you may want to use are tiki torches for outdoors, leis, beach balls and Hawaiian grass skirts.


A casino theme party may be a good idea for those who like to gamble. You could place packs of playing cards on tables for poker or other card games. You may want to purchase small casino board games, such as a roulette wheel. Also, you could use a craps felt table cover in anyone is interested in playing craps or you could use it just for decoration. Mini slot machine banks can be purchased and placed around the room for decoration and fun.


You could invite guests over for a cookie party but your guests would be involved by baking their own home made cookies and bringing them to the party. This type of party is nice to host during the holidays. Everyone shows up with their baked cookies and they are put out to be eaten by the guests. You may want to request that each person who bakes cookies will bring the recipe to share with others. Holding a cookie contest might be fun and you could award a prize to the person who baked the best cookies. Also, you may want to buy small boxes or tins to give out any leftover cookies to the guests at your party.


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