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Adventure Time Halloween Costumes

Updated on August 16, 2014

Adventure Time w/ Jake the Dog and Finn the Human

What young man or lady wouldn't want to be Finn, the adventurous maverick from the Land of Ooo?

With no adventure too challenging (or weird), getting into character seems like a natural fit for any young teen or tween guy (or girl)!

Now I must admit, a few months back when my son MADE me watch Adventure Time, I thought it was just about the strangest show I had ever seen.

But the theme song was catchy and we have a dog named Jake, so why not?

I hate to admit it, but I am kind of hooked on this quirky little show, from all the odd characters to, of course, Finn and Jake.

The show, created by Pendleton Ward, has a nice little mix going on of everything from science to fantasy and is chock full of adventure, too.

Finn and Jake are best friends and conquer all their adventures head on and try to make the best of any situation they find themselves in. Some of the episodes are downright weird, and some of the characters are, well, out of the ordinary, but the show makes both my son and me laugh out loud.

Let’s meet the stars of the show…

Jake the Dog and Finn the Human

Friends and Adventures

Finn and Jake are best friends and conquer all their adventures head on and try to make the best of any situation they find themselves in. Some of the episodes are downright weird, and some of the characters are, well, out of the ordinary, but the show makes both my son and me laugh out loud.

Let’s meet the stars of the show…

Adventure Time Theme Song

Finn the Human


Finn the Human

Ending up abandoned in the forest, Finn was raised by Jake’s parents. It is no wonder then that Finn and Jake are best friends, and even more like brothers.

Finn the Human is, well, a human, and 14 years old in the series. He has a lot of energy to get him through all those adventures, and sometimes, has too much energy.

Finn fights off the bad guys and is seldom found without his trusty sword and backpack. Finn always wears what he calls his “awesome hat,” and yes, he has hair under that hat.

He is on a mission to fight evil, do good and help those in need no matter where that journey may take him.

Finn has his run-ins with the Ice King, always protects Princess Bubblegum and jams with Marceline the Vampire Queen.

Jake the Dog


Jake the Dog

Not your ordinary dog, Jake can change his form at any time. He can become tiny or huge, and change the shape of any part of his body.

Jake is 28 years old (in what they call magical dog years) and is like a big brother and bestie to Finn.

While usually taking things as they come and not taking things too seriously, he’s always there to give Finn advice, whether or not it’s right.

Jake has a girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn, who is half-unicorn and half-rainbow. How those two hooked up, we may never know.

When trouble is brewing, Jake has always got Finn’s back. He helps out with his magical powers and generally gets Finn out of sticky situations by either helping him fight or whisking him away. Jake also uses his magic to lighten up potentially intense situations, and has a great sense of humor.

Classic Jake

Best Buds Song

Land of Ooo

Living in the Land of Ooo, it is all that is left of a fictional continent ravaged by the “Great Mushroom War,” or some type of nuclear war.

It is a land to which magic has returned after the fall-out of mass destruction.

No wonder Jake and Finn have plenty of adventures!

How to make Adventure Time Costumes / Accessories

Homemade Adventure Time Costumes

Fight the Bad Guys with Finn's Sword


Finn Hat

Marceline Vampire Queen


Other Adventure Time Friends and Costume Ideas

Marceline the Vampire Queen

For a super cool and really easy Adventure Time Halloween costume for you gals out there, why not go as Marceline, Vampire Queen this year?

Marceline Abadeer, more commonly known as the vampire queen, is a super cool vampire who is good friends with Finn and Jake. Our heroes take time out to jam with Marceline, who plays a mean red guitar, which is why she’s known as a wild rocker girl!

Unlike your typical vampire, instead of drinking blood, she lives on “shades of red.” She is able to suck the color out of anything red, which is the key to her survival.

Marceline looks fantastic for being over 1000 years old. She’s a “gypsy” at heart and loves to travel, is well known in the Land of Ooo and loves to pull practical jokes. Initially, she comes across as evil, but once you get to know her, you begin to realize she just loves a good joke.

Marceline has light colored blue-gray skin and long black hair. She changes her outfits wearing anything from a gray tanktop, jeans and red boots, to her classic look of purple and gray pin-striped stockings worn with a dress. Tres chic!

A Vision in Pink


Princess Bubblegum

Add a little more sweetness to Halloween this year by dressing up as the lovely Princess Bubblegum.

The Princess, also known as PB, Poibles, Peebles and her full name, Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum, is a true vision in pink.

The fine princess loves science experiments, often trying out her creations on our friend, Finn.

Speaking of Finn, it is believed he has saved her many a time, and for this she has a special affection for him. It is rumored that they dated in the past, although Finn will deny it.

She is a confident 13- or 18-year-old (depending on the situation) who rules the Candy Kingdom. She is loved and cherished by her subjects, the Candy People, and is a noble, fair and even nice ruler over the land.

Princess Bubblegum has many talents including science, music, video games, speaks German and Korean (so she can communicate with Lady Rainicorn, who is her steed, pet and best friend), and holds a degree in Glycomics. All of this and beautiful, too!

The lovely princess has long pink hair (actually made of bubblegum) light pink skin, wears a flowing pink gown and a tiarra made of gold.

Who Shall It Be?

Who's your favorite Adventure Time character?

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