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Affordable Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Updated on February 1, 2012

Valentine’s Day is coming up and couples all over will be making plans to express their love for their significant others. However, times are tough and many people will be struggling to plan affordable dates. What people don’t realize is that there are plenty of romantic ideas to replace going to that pricey restaurant. If you find yourself without a date this Valentine’s Day then have some fun with your friends. Create a funny anti Valentine’s Day party. Watch some funny movies and laugh off the stress. Treat yourselves to some spa quality facial masks (listed below) and relax.

If you do find yourself planning a date then here are some fun ideas for you to try instead of breaking the bank. Plan an indoor picnic for your sweetheart. Even though it is winter bringing the outdoors inside can be very romantic. Find a nice soft blanket and place it on the floor on a spot that is spacious. If you have a fireplace definitely put it somewhere in front of that. An indoor picnic can be very fun. You could even cook the food for your picnic together. Or of course you could always just surprise your date.

1. Since it is winter I would suggest planning a romantic date night to go ice skating. Ice skating rinks are normally pretty cheap. You could have fun holding hands and helping each other stay up if you are inexperienced skaters. Don’t worry about looking silly just have fun. Skating can bring a couple together. You could also bring a thermos of hot cocoa with you to share. This would be perfect after skating where you could cuddle up on a bench.

2. If you live in a winter wonderland area like I do then take advantage of it. Act like a bunch of kids and go sledding. Get all bundled up and head to your favorite hill. You could find your inner child and build an awesome snowman together. You will have a great time and laugh the whole way through it. After your done then you can head home, make some cocoa, and watch a funny movie you both enjoy.

3. Don’t live in a snowy area? No worries. Get outside and go for a hike together. You will both enjoy experiencing the great outdoors. Take a few sights at your local national park or even just enjoy walking through your local city or town. Take lots of pictures of you two together so that way when you get home you can upload them to a fun collage program like You will have your memories together forever.

4. If you can fight stage fright then go to your local bar or restaurant and do a karaoke night together. Singing your favorite songs together will be fun and hysterical. Perhaps even play a funny game where you choose songs for each other. Watching your sweetheart perform off the wall songs will be sure to bring an entertaining evening. When you are at the local bar or restaurants eat beforehand so you can only long for dessert. You both can share a tasty dessert together.

How will you spend Valentine's Day?

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    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great suggestions for Valentine's Day. We plan a special meal and cook together for this special occasion.