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Alcatraz Prison Specters

Updated on October 27, 2015

One of the most infamous mobsters, Al Capone, An organized crime boss, was held in federal custody at Alcatraz Prison on Alcatraz island. The island prison has not been occupied since 1963 when it shut its cell doors permanently. The island is a off the coast of San Francisco and is one of the most treacherous islands on the California coastlines.

The island was built in the 1800's by the US military to prevent the invading factions of Spanish, French and Colonial England in invading US borders.

From 1847 to 1861 military prisoners who were court-martialed by the military were housed within its prison walls. In 1861 some of the Indian Tribal leaders and Indian Chiefs were incarcerated within its walls for refusal to give in and give their land and possessions over to the white man or US military.

In the 1920's and 1930's the Alcatraz Federal Prison was under scruitiny when J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI and Attorney General Homer Cummings were in the development phases of creating a escape proof prison for the most notorious and hardened criminals at this time in history. The reason why they wanted an escape proof prison is they wanted to create fear of landing up in the prison like Alcatraz because they would be unable to escape at all.

Some of the criminals, mobsters, and convicts it housed over a period of decades from 1932 to 1963 was the infamous Al Capone, An American Organized Crime Boss and Mobster, Doc Barker, A American Mobster and gang member of Ma Barker, George "Machine Gun" Kelly, A mobster, Robert "Birdman of Alcatraz" Stoud, a criminal and escape artist, Floyd Hamilton, A mobster and gang member and driver of Bonnie and Clyde, and finally one Alvin "Creepy" Harris.

Once J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI and Homer Cummings, the Attorney General made up there minds about the further development of an escape proof prison they decided that Alcatraz had that appeal and embodied the fear they wanted to project to the criminal element. They began some renovations and reconstruction on the islands prison and one of the first prisoners to arrive was Al Capone in 1934.

But no one ever thought that not only were the convicted to occupy this crude and menicing place but the spechters of those criminals who died and perished within its walls would too.

The nights in Alcatraz Prison are haunted by screams and moans of some of the most notorious criminals in the last decade or so. Weeping and sobbing can also be heard within its walls.

Many of the convicted convicts that were housed at Alcatraz Prison slowly went insane because of the way they were housed and tormented by those they acted upon in their past and of course by dead souls that perished there before who were criminally insane.

When confined to places of doom and gloom and some areas of total darkness the lonliness and inescapable feeling of heaviness and despair set in and the criminal whom was convicted to remain there on Alcatraz was no exception of going slowly insane. Not only is the prison deary but the prison is surrounded by water and is damp and cold because it is made of rock and concrete.

Al Capone was one of those criminals who slowly went insane and was haunted by his past escapades like those of the Saint Valentines Masacre and people he gunned down ruthlessly, those souls and spirits would visit Al Capone and gave him a taste of his own medicine but in an unworldly form (A specter).

The specters would attack and assault Al Capone whenever they wanted to wreck havoc on the prison or especially when Al Capone was in solitary confinement in cells that looked more like dungeons than cells. This was his pennance.

Not only was Al Capone arrogant and ruthless in his heyday that the very same sinister criminals he slew followed him from beyond and into the prison system. People and the public at large were happy to see him locked up in a prison he had no escape from. Even his enemies were happy to see he was locked up and was in a place that he could not reach them.

Al Capone made many attempts to convince the warden at the time, James A. Johnston, a san franciscan who was appointed by J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI and Homer Cummings the Attorney General to let him have special privileges because of his ties to the mob. But James A Johnston was not moved and treated him like a number no more no less, and a prisoner just like all the rest.

To get away from the specters and the inmates at Alcatraz, Al Capone turned to music and began playing a banjo. However, Al Capone only served seven years in Alcatraz for some of his crimes. But, he not only served seven years but those seven years in Alcatraz were enough to take away his sanity and when he returned to his home in Florida with syphillis and having the mentality of a six to seven year old. Al Capone later died in 1947, totally insane and far from being the person he was in his mobster days.

Some of those spirits that remained and returned to Alcatraz Prison were those notorious criminals who went insane and Al Capone was no different. On some nights in the bathroom areas something playing a banjo could be heard in the darkness and the ghost of Al Capone sitting or crouching on the floor growling and appearing for a short time to let the other inmates he is on the floor and demanding there attention!

There were a total of 14 prisoners in that era between 1934 and 1963 who went totally insane. Some of the prisoners slashed themselves to death and others still cut their own throats like inmate Joe Bowers, in an attempt to be sent off the island prison of Alcatraz but it was of no consequence. Joe Bowers later jumped 75 feet to his death on the rocks of the island prison of Alcatraz. Ed Wutke, a murderer and sailor also cut his jugular vein with a pencil sharpener.

Another convicted mobster named, "Persful" who was a mobster and bank robber grabbed a hacket and hacked off his fingers while in a maniac state of mind, laughing, and screaming hysterically before and after he hacked his fingers off.

Apparitions and ghostly figures could and have been seen by prisoners and they are seen walking on the wire rafters that lead one cell to another.

One of the cells 14D is one of the "Holes" or "solitary confinement holes" that has a sinister and evil presence that hangs in and over it, so much so, it has an intensity all its own that is scary and eery. Inmates have complainted of being choked by a ghostly presence in this cell. Many have complainted of being touched and pawed by a presence that is not visible to them. To even make it worst is that it is always cold it never warms up or heats up during the summer months. It reains a cold cold chamber to this day.




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