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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Favors

Updated on December 30, 2012

With the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Movie kids will be wanting to have this as a theme for their Birthdays. Now the thing is trying to come up with some fun creative Alice in Wonderland Party Favors to send the kids home with.

I was inspired to make this page because my niece is having an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party and guess who is the one that volunteered to help come up with a favor idea? Yes you guessed it - ME.

So I figured while I was out doing all the searching for my idea I would make a page to share some of my finds in hopes I can help other parents who are on the search as well. As the movie is released there will be more items available and I will update this page accordingly, but for now I will show you some things I have found.

UPDATE: Look at the end and see what I put together for my Party Favors
geekdetails' photostream
geekdetails' photostream

Drinks & Cookies

Here is one idea I really like. See I am a fan of Party Favors that can be used and not bags of junk and I am sure I am not alone. So when you think of the Alice in Wonderland Movie one thing we can all remember are the cookies Alice ate that said "Eat Me" and the drink that says "Drink Me". Those magic cookies and drinks that made her grow bigger and smaller so she could get the key and go through the door.

So why not send the kids home with a fun treat they can eat after the party is over. Not only is this a cute idea, but it is also very BUDGET FRIENDLY.

Just find some little juice bottles and make some tags that say "Drink Me" and tie them onto the bottle. Then bake some cookies, frost and write the words "Eat Me" on them and wrap them individually and tie with a bow. It does not get any easier than that.

You can add some Alice in Wonderland Movie Stickers, Necklace etc... BUT what I think is a great addition to these Drinks & Cookies is an Alice in Wonderland Book.

Alice in Wonderland Books

Adding in an Alice in Wonderland Book to your party favor is a great way to promote reading. There are so many books out there based on this story in all age levels. Just because you may have seen the movies does not mean the kids would not love to read them.

Books are also inexpensive and I think would be a perfect addition to the Drinks & Cookies above. So not only do the kids go home with a snack, but they can enjoy it while reading a good book.

What you see to your right is just a very small sample of the many Alice in Wonderland Books you can find. There are so many takes on this story.

Alice in Wonderland Coloring & Activity Books

In addition to the story books you can also find a nice variety of Alice in Wonderland Coloring Books, Sticker Books & Activity Books. These are also great choices because they make the kids step away from the TV and Video Games for a few - and we all know how hard that is these days, I know I do. So giving these will also help with that too.

Now you can buy the books or you can be creative and put together your own for FREE by finding the FREE Alice in Wonderland Printables available on the web. Print them out and attach them together with a fun cover add a small package of crayons if you like and you are set.

Below you will find some links I found to some great FREE Printables.

Fun Favor Boxes

I just wrote about these Mad Hatter Hat and Teapot & Teacup Party Favors Boxes on my Party Blog. I think they are adorable and make a great box to fill with small goodies - like the cookies. It adds to the charm of the party favor and also gives the kids an added keepsake.

These Boxes are made with Heavy Cardstock Paper and shipped to you Fully Assembled. There are also available in many design and color choices too!!!

To Order: Mad Hatter Hat Favor Boxes.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Perfect Fit Crochet on EtsyPerfect Fit Crochet on EtsyPerfect Fit Crochet on Etsy
Perfect Fit Crochet on Etsy
Perfect Fit Crochet on Etsy
Perfect Fit Crochet on Etsy
Perfect Fit Crochet on Etsy
Perfect Fit Crochet on Etsy
Perfect Fit Crochet on Etsy

Alice in Wonderland Crocheted Hats

I had to add these in because I love them. These Alice in Wonderland Hats are all Hand Crocheted and they can make one UNIQUE party favor. They are made by Etsy Seller: Perfect Fit Crochet.

She offers them in all sizes (newborn - Adult) and they are her own pattern. She has Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit and a Mad Hatter Hat and they are all Absolutely Adorable and affordable priced. My personal favorite is Cheshire Cat - Love him!!! If you think these are cute - you should see all the other hats she makes.

To visit her Etsy Shop: Click HERE

So what did I decide?

So for my niece's party favor I really like the idea of the Drinks & Cookies along with an Alice in Wonderland Book. My sister in law is taking the girls to see the movie for her party (me too) and I am so excited. I will post my end result here after the party and once I run things by my sister in law to see what she thinks.

UPDATE: Look below to see what I put together

The Party Animal
The Party Animal

My Alice in Wonderland Party Favors

So here is what I ended up putting together based off some of the ideas I wrote about here. I made the "Eat Me" Cookies, The "Drink Me" Drinks, I made my own Alice in Wonderland Bookmarks, We included an Alice in Wonderland Book by Lewis Carroll and I had also created Alice in Wonderland VIP Passes for each of the girls that they got to wear to the movies and take home with them.

To see how it was all put together and the other things I made look here:

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas

Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

Currently there are no official Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies out at the moment these Queen of Hearts Party Supplies (seen to your right) are just perfect.

They are available to purchase in a party kit or you can pick and choose what you need. You will also find some fun Heart & Spade Mylar Balloons, Giant Playing Card Centerpieces and more that will add to the look and feel of your Alice in Wonderland Party Theme.

To Order just Click the Link Here: Queen of Hearts Deluxe Birthday Box

Photo Credit: Naera
Photo Credit: Naera

Let me know what you think and if you have any party favor ideas to share

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    • profile image

      Michelle 5 years ago

      Love the ideas of the cookies with eat me and the drinks - any idea where i could get some of those little bottles? what did you put into them? cordial?

    • profile image

      noora 6 years ago

      cool things

    • htodd profile image

      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      Thanks fr the Great hub

    • profile image

      HI! 7 years ago

      I love Alice in Wonderland!!

    • 1stPhotoInvites profile image

      1stPhotoInvites 7 years ago

      This was not included into my list of choices for my daughter's birthday party!

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 7 years ago from California

      interesting ideas.......glad to see you back.....I'm sorta checking in once a week......on a "virtual vacation" of sorts (my latest hub). Best, GPAGE