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Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies - Buy Decor, Plates, Cups, Cake Toppers, Napkins, Stand-Ups, and More on Sale

Updated on July 15, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

Are you looking to buy Alice in Wonderland party supplies? Here you will find plates, napkins, cups, table decorations, birthday cake toppers, themed cookie cutters and more to make your event memorable. All of the ideas found on this page are backed with Amazon products so you can create an awesome decorated shindig with items that are cheap in prices. Check out what you can do below on this page with Alice in Wonderland party supplies to make your event out of this world.

Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

Alice in Wonderland Party Plates, Cups, Invitations and More

As you probably already know, through out Alice in Wonderland, there are several scenes that feature playing cards. Decorate your birthday party or other type of event with Card night napkins, cups, plates and more.

Did you notice the awesome Card themed invitation cards? Those would fit very well for an Alice in Wonderland birthday theme. Those nifty card invitations found to the right actually pop out. You could use Alice in Wonderland stickers to seal the envelops before sending them out. To buy the cards or products found that you find appealing, all you need to do is click the Amazon product links. You'll go straight to the Amazon website.

Check out the large card cuts to the above left. You can use these for decorations or even placemats for your party guests. Place them on your windows or even around a doorway.

Buy Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies from Below on Sale

Alice in Wonderland Party Decor

If you're looking for added Alice in Wonderland party decor, then why not consider the card party design danglers to the right. You can hang them from the ceiling or even take the longer ones that are for sale on Amazon and drape them across the ceiling like streamers.

The swirly ones with the silver would be perfect for your Alice in Wonderland party needs. If you like this idea, you can use the links to the right to go to the product's product page on to purchase a set.

Alice in Wonderland Table Decorations - Covers, Confetti and Centerpieces

Jazz up your tables for your Alice in Wonderland birthday party with unique centerpieces or confetti for a matching look.
Jazz up your tables for your Alice in Wonderland birthday party with unique centerpieces or confetti for a matching look.

Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies - Table Decorations

Alice in Wonderland Cake Toppers, Desserts and More

To the left you'll notice Alice in Wonderland figurines and a cake topper that's offered by Amazon. If you're trying to come up with some good ideas for a birthday cake, these products can be used for toppers to make your dessert memorable. Place playing card around the sides of a cake and then arrange the figurine set or Alice on top after you have frosted your cake. Check out the Amazon links to the left to see all of the characters that come with the figurine set that will make your cake lovely for your birthday event.

Giant Cupcakes That Guests Can Share

You can also buy this giant cupcake pan and make a few for your birthday party. You could decorate a giant cupcake with frosting and place the Alice figurine on top. Place the giant cupcake on the square or round serving card themed trays below for additional decor.

Teapot, Teacup or Crown Cookies or Sandwich Cutouts

You can use the teapot, teacup or crown cookie cutter found to the left and make cookies or small sandwiches for your guests. Pair sandwiches or cookies with the card printed toothpicks found below on this page for something unique. You'll also find some unique party platters below that you can put your cookies or cutout sandwiches on for your themed event.

Buy a Giant Cupcake Pan, Teacup or Crown Cookie Cutter Below

Buy a Teapot or Crown Cookie Below on Amazon Through the Links

Alice in Wonderland Food & Party Ideas

Check out the nifty serving trays to the left that are on Amazon, you can use these trays for appetizers to create yummy foods for your guests. Fill the bowl up with chips or your snack of choice. If you didn't catch the earlier bit on this page above about cakes, you can use one of the serving trays to serve your Alice in Wonderland birthday cake on.

Serve cheeses and crackers on one of the party plates with the playing card food picks for added decor. If you want to get a little fancier on the appetizers, you can opt for croissants or turnovers and stick the picks on top of each piece. You can also use the cookie cutters found on this page and create yummy sandwich cutouts with the toothpicks.

Buy Alice in Wonderland Themed Party Platters or Toothpicks

Chester the Cat Teapot

Using th Chester Cat Teapot

Isn't the Chester cat teapot simply adorable? You can serve your party guests with this piece of china and reuse it in the future. Serve punch for kids or even ginger ale to go with a tea party Alice in Wonderland themed event.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Set

But a Tea Set Below from Amazon

Teacup Party Sets

If you want to get into a tea party theme for your birthday or special event. You can use this tin cup set for additional decor. These Alice in Wonderland party supplies can then be reused by your children again and again for playtime after the event is over. 

Alice in Wonderland Life Size Stand-ups

About Alice in Wonderland Life Size Stand-ups

You can use life size stand ups from the Alice in Wonderland movie for additional decor. You can use the stand ups to greet guests at your driveway or even in the room where you are holding your event. These stand-ups are tall --- adult size tall. Guests will love this lifelike stand ups at your shindig. The Queen of Hearts, Alice, the Mad Hatter and Dweedle Dee and Dweedle Dumb are all available for purchase through the Amazon links to the left.

Tea Party Game for Birthday Parties

Tea Party Game for Entertaining Guests

Buy this fun game that buyers rave about on above. Check out the reviews at the above product link on this fun game that will add to the entertainment at your Alice in Wonderland party.

Queen of Hearts Crown

Themed Party Hats, Crowns and Tiaras

Cheshire Cat Stuffed Plush Doll

Fix the Cheshire Cat to a high place in the room where you are holding your party.
Fix the Cheshire Cat to a high place in the room where you are holding your party.

Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies


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