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Alien Birthday Party - Theme Party Ideas

Updated on July 7, 2012

Planning an alien theme party can be fun, it is a party theme that has a lot of space for creativity! In this article you will find some ideas on alien party foods, games your guests can play decoration ideas and much more! Hope you will like these party ideas! Do leave a comment and a "like".

Alien cake pops
Alien cake pops
Saturn Cake
Saturn Cake | Source

Alien party food ideas

You could serve space food, a dried food that astronauts eat (can't get more authentic than that)! It is quite tasty and fun to eat.

Make an alien cake! If you are not too skilled you can get alien themed cake toppers or simply purchase some green cake fondant (or make it yourself) and apply it on the cake. With some black cake fondant (or candy) make two big alien eyes and you have your basic alien cake!

You can also make spaceship (or UFO) cakes, they are pretty easy to make. If you have many guests you could do solar system cakes - each cake being one of the planets, you can even make the cupcake moons around each of the planets!

As with every theme party you can go with cupcakes!

  • you can make your own green fondant or just simple green (or any other color that screams alien!) icing and pop some alien eyes on top of it (either with candy such as m&ms, mini munch mallows)
  • your cupcakes don't need to be 2D, you can make 3D versions, you can even decorate the cupcake cups so that they will look like space ships
  • you can also make alien pop cakes

You can make Jello alien blobs! Put gelatine in simple moulds (you could just use cups) throw in some sugar eyeballs and you have your alien blobs! Cheap, easy and effective!

Lovely 3D alien cupcake tutorial from Kitchen Daily

Alien party decorations

Aliens normally roam in the space (in their cool space ships). You can create the feeling of space by having a disco ball in the centre of the room and a white light pointed to it. This will fill the room with bright spots - stars. You could also use your Christmas tree lights, why only use them once a year right?

You can also get the glow in the dark stars and cover the room with them.

If you plan your party in a brighter room then decorate it with planets! Just search for images in search engines and print them, you will easily find planets from our galaxy (if it is a kids party you can even use this for some education) as well as imaginary planets which will certainly look cool!

You can fill the room with aliens! You can use normal balloons (green ones) and glue alien eyes on them.

You can dedicate one room or a corner to the laboratory. You can either make an alien laboratory (you know to probe the human) with all kinds of weird alien lab equipment or you can have an area 51 lab wit alien on the table. You can for that purpose use the operation game (either the human version or the alien autopsy game)

Alien party games and activities

  • If you are hosting a kids party a great activity for them is pinata! You can easily make it yourself!
  • Alien Bowls, make an alien variation of this fun game! If you are not familiar with the game, it is fairly simple. You have a small ball (usually called jack) and a few larger balls. One of the players tosses the small ball. Players then take turns in throwing larger balls and the one who gets the large ball closest to the small one wins. Naturally players can also target other players balls to get the advantage. This game is immense fun! You can make the small ball "the home planet" and large balls UFO's.
  • Take advantage of one of the most known toys to mankind - Flying Disk!
  • Alien Hunt! Variation of Easter Egg hunt! Hide some alien treats and let your guests find them.
  • Spaceship or alien photo shot! Make a spacecraft or an alien body out of cardboard and cut a hole in the size of the face. Take pictures (if possible with polaroid) of your guests. This can be used as a party favour too!


Alien party favors

Test tube aliens are an inexpensive and cool looking party favor.

If you have time you can make alien cake pops as a party favor (instead of serving them). Wrap each alien cake pop in cellophane and you have a party favor.

If you are a fan of canning and have excessive (small) jars you can fill them with green gelatine and put in some eyes (mason jars look the best).

You can also consider the legendary silly putty! You can get the alien egg version that even glows in the dark.

Thanks for the read, do leave a comment!

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