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All Fools Day

Updated on April 1, 2015

The First day of April is celebrated around the world as April Fools Day or All Fools Day. It is a day devoted to practical jokes and with the dawn of the Internet age to elaborate hoaxes.It is celebrated in many countries such as Europe, Canada, Brazil, Australia and of course here in the US. Though it is not an official national holiday it has been popular since the 19th century.

The first recorded instance of the observance of April Fools Day appears in the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. It is thought to have much earlier origins though. Possible origins include Hilaria of Ancient Rome, or the Feast of Fools celebrated in Medieval times.
Across the globe, April Fools is celebrated in different ways. In Ireland and Scotland, a similar prank which involves the delivery of a message supposedly asking for assistance but in fact reading " Dinna laugh, dinna smile. Hunt the gowk another mile." meaning that after reading the recipient must send the message onto another. Ireland has a similar tradition in which the letter reads " Send the fool further". An extension of this is seen in Britain where the victim of said prank is named the April fool, in this variation, each fool then must keep the prank going until midday or be branded " The April Fool."
Over time, this tradition has grown and expanded to our media. Several countries traditionally publish prank news stories, such as the famous "Spaghetti-tree hoax" of 1957, a series of stories highlighting the Spaghetti Harvests of the Swiss. This story was so widely believed the BBC was forced to reveal the story as a hoax when the BBC became flooded with requests for " Spaghetti Trees."
Today, we carry on the rich traditions of our ancestors with lists and suggestions for a great April Fools Day prank. as well as sites praising the innovation and creativity of different pranks.

I personally love April Fool's day and have been known to pull a prank or two to honor the day. One year I tin foiled my daughters entire car inside and out. The best part of that particular prank was when it took her over a year to pin me for the deed.

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Here is you chance to let us know some of the great pranks you have instigated or been the victim of,


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