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All I Want for Christmas Is -- A Toaster? the Hottest Gadgets According to One Geek

Updated on December 6, 2014

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I never thought when I posed the question "what tech gadgets you'd like to see under the tree this holiday," to my Twitter list and Facebook friends, I'd get the answer: a toaster.

Is this a sign of the times? Or am I just running with the wrong crowd?

Sure, there are cool things to get excited about like the ebook readers, iPads and Zunes, but when my friends and fans start talking about practical stuff like toasters, you've got to wonder. So, here are my ten top picks for Cyber Monday.

Eggs AND Toast. Together at Last

Back to Basics Egg & Muffin Toaster is available at Since my friend wants a toaster, I figure why not opt for something a bit more fancy? Since I can't find the Pirate Toaster* anywhere in the United States, I'll settle for one that my friend can make toast and poach an egg at the same time, or, if she likes hardboiled eggs, she can cook up to four.

*Since I wrote this, the Pirate Toaster isn't yet available, but I did find an awesome Skull Toaster on Amazon. Check it out.

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Zombie Shooting Gallery

Since I'm always concerned about my aim for when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, I figure the Zombie Shooting Gallery is just the ticket. Available at, you use a laser gun to shoot at zombies and save the humans. What more noble use for your time is there?

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E-book Readers for Everyone

Okay, now I'm getting somewhat serious here. I'm hooked on my Kindle eBook reader from which has both WiFi and 3G technology. If you're looking for cheap, get the WiFi version, but the 3G goes just about everywhere. They carry 3500 books, one of which could be my own novel, Prophecy of Swords, but to recommend that book would be self-aggrandizing - and I would never do that. Would I? Other eBook readers include the Barnes and Noble Color Nook and the Sony Reader.

Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch

For about $50, you too can live your secret identity of being an undercover operative. Okay, maybe not, but you can have a somewhat bulky watch that videotapes, records audio, and amazingly enough even keeps time. It charges with a USB plug to directly to your computer. Want something a little less conspicuous? Check out the Spycam Video/MP3/Camera Sunglasses. Just don't wear them at night.

Darth Vader's Own MP3 Players

Sure, you can give the latest Zune or Apple iPod, but why not do something really geeky and give the unusual? Try a Darth Vader combination CD and MP3 player, and work to the Imperial March.


I know I've strayed into the realm of the mundane, but this is truly a gee-whiz kind of moment for me. Tablets such as the iPad or Android Tabs put Star Trek right at your fingers. And you want to be the cool kid on the block, don't you?

Okay, so that was eleven products suggested, not ten. Even so, on Cyber Monday you can get your geek on and be the coolest kid on the block. After all, who else on your block is going to have a toaster that can cook an egg?


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