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All is Well as Long as You have a Royal Title that is

Updated on May 6, 2011

One cannot help but notice the fervor brought on by Prince William and the future Princess Kate’s wedding. In fact this may be the social event of this century, yet, I can’t help but wonder what if you strip this couple of their titles; wouldn’t this make them nothing more than your typical couple with all the ups and downs of a normal romance.

I read an article in Vanity Fair Magazine (excellent article by the way) titled:”Wills and the Real Girl” and another article in another issue of Vanity Fair (another excellent read) titled:”Meet the Parents”. I found both articles to be very interesting and informative on the matters of royal romance and dealing with the new in laws. I also realized that when one is a blue blood, one is treated so very differently from the rest of us, especially by the press.

The wording alone isn’t the only difference. There are things in this relationship that are acceptable by today’s standard that were considered unacceptable when Princess Diana married Prince Charles. Princess Diana’s virginity was checked by a physician and she had to jump through so many hoops to be able to be joined with the prince and this took place only thirty years ago.

Yet, in today’s world it seems from what I read, Prince William lived together with Kate, so I don’t think there’s any reason to do any virginity checkups. How they met has also caused a stir among some traditionalists. Meeting your future princess on a runway while modeling underwear is not considered typical of a future princess, what can I say; I guess Prince William is not your typical prince. I probably could go on, and on contrasting the difference between then and now, but why bother.

Although I have observed, with all the contrasts between Kate and Princess Diana, I do have to say Kate is a very pretty woman; after all, she did steal the Prince’s heart on a runway. Kate also has had the opportunity to be more honest than Princess Diana had. Thanks to all the mistakes that were committed with the late princess, Kate may have an easier transition into royal life than Diana did.

Don’t get me wrong, I wish Prince William and the future princess the best and all the happiness that life can give them. It’s just that the only thing that separates this couple from any other couple of today is that he is royalty. Before certain behaviors were expected of those holding royal titles for which most are no longer held accountable for. The press does mention repeatedly that she is from a middle class family and from what I read she is a commoner. Yet, this is what I find least objectionable; it seems it’s all about money and social standing. Times are changing, aren’t they?

Despite all the contrasts, this Friday we should all expect to experience a very momentous occasion which most of the world will view by television and then there are those, who will get to experience the royal nuptials, right there in the presence of their royal highnesses. This will not only be a momentous occasion, but a very costly one as well. I even read one tabloid stating that the wedding bill may total around twenty billion dollars, which I think is an outrageous exaggeration. Never the less, it will cost the United Kingdom a lot of money. Then there’s the entire consensus regarding the future princess transport, not to mention her dress and everything else that is part of a royal wedding.

We've only Just Begun.
We've only Just Begun. | Source

I can only wish these two lovebirds the best, and that they are able to take on the challenges, hurdles and expectations that are very much a part of royal life.  As it says in the lyrics to the famous Carpenter’s song “We’ve only Just Begun”:

We've only just begun to live

White lace and promises

A kiss for luck and we're on our way

We've only begun

Before the risin' sun, we fly

So many roads to choose

We'll start out walkin' and learn to run

And yes, we've just begun

Sharing horizons that are new to us

Watching the signs along the way

Talkin' it over, just the two of us

Workin' together day to day, together

Married life is full of surprises, it is my wish that both Princes William and Kate do find happiness together.


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    • Internetwriter62 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Thank you Abhitheprince, it is wonderful to hear from you, I always enjoy your comments. Princess Diana did come to mind when I first heard of this wedding and as I read about Kate I couldn't help but think about the contrast between the two brides and how things have changed in such a short time (only one generation). Diana was indeed a very warm soul, it's so sad she died so young. I hope Prince William and Princess Kate have less challenges to face.

    • Internetwriter62 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Thank you Peter, I agree it will be a great show this Friday and I know from all the fervor the world will be watching. I do agree she will make a great princess, she has the right attitude.

    • Peter Owen profile image

      Peter Owen 

      7 years ago from West Hempstead, NY

      This should be a great show on Friday. Nice to see two apparently normal kids getting married. I think she'll be great as a princess

    • Internetwriter62 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Hi Harlan,

      Sounds like a best seller to me. I have a friend from Tennessee who told me a lot about her uncles who brought her up and what you wrote really reminded me of her stories. I haven't spoken to her in a while, I really miss our chats she was loads of fun.

      Come to think of it I know a lot of people who could use a spittoon. Thanks for making me smile, I enjoyed reading that. Have a fabulous weekend Harlan.

      Take care


    • Harlan Colt profile image

      Harlan Colt 

      7 years ago from the Rocky Mountains

      I just noticed an ad at the top of your hub for the Kate Middleton Collection.

      I wanna see an ad for:

      The Franklin Mint Presents:

      The Harlan Colt Hillbilly Redneck Collection!

      The first item is an authentic Hillbilly Cowboy hat. This hat has been painstakingly tossed in the back seat and sat on a few hundred times by the kids and the dog too. It will look old, and will carry that distinct sweaty hat hair aroma!

      The next item in the collection will be authentic flannel shirts. 100% cotton. The sleeves have shrunk because someone washed it in hot water but it still keeps you warm on a mountain spring day (which translates to frosty nights and the occasional snow-fall in June - one never knows - but hey you're prepared!) As an added bonus all shirts come with that authentic Smokey smell from burning brush in the back 40! AND some other odor you can't identify.

      Last but not least, the official Harlan Colt Spittoon, complete with some dark colored gunk in the bottom. All spittoons are engraved with Harlan's signature!

      (Just kidding I don't do that nasty junk)

      LOL too funny.

      - Harlan

    • Internetwriter62 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Hi Harlan,

      It is so nice to hear from you, thank you for stopping by, I always have enjoyed your comments and I especially like this one. I for one agree with you, we are all equal and a title is really just that, a title. Even King Solomon said "Vanity of vanities all is vanity" and that is what a lot of this is, yet, people eat it up and even camp out for days in hope of seeing the royal couple. I guess everyone is entitle to their form of entertainment or torture.

      As stated in my article I do wish them a successful marriage. After all marriage is instituted by God and it is always consider honorable and it should be respected.

      Thanks for giving me such a warm welcome and I'm glad you're happy to see my hubs again. For I do enjoy writing them.

      Take care,


    • Harlan Colt profile image

      Harlan Colt 

      7 years ago from the Rocky Mountains

      There you are, I was starting to think you fell off the planet! Its good to see you!

      Well forgive me if I am too coarse here, honestly, I have a real problem with the whole royalty vs commoner stuff.

      Royalty suggests someone is better than someone else by birth right alone. What a load of BS. They can take their royalty and - well something about where the sun don't shine works for me.

      Commoner? No one is a commoner. We are all equal. Again what a bunch of pompas BS.

      Finally, I do wish them a happy successful marriage as fellow human beings, but as far as the royal wedding... I didn't get invited so I don't pay them much attention, it is very inconsequential to me, but I again I pray for their happiness. Everyone deserves that even if they are mistaken about who they are to the rest of us.

      I am more excited to see you publishing hubs than their silly wedding LOL.

      - best wishes

      - Harlan


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