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What To Do Besides Trick Or Treat(on Halloween)

Updated on November 1, 2011
A Typical Image Seen on Halloween
A Typical Image Seen on Halloween
Cartoon of Trick-Or-Treaters
Cartoon of Trick-Or-Treaters
Why can't they have fun just dressed up as themselves?
Why can't they have fun just dressed up as themselves?

Here are some fun costumes.

This was my best Costume.
This was my best Costume. | Source
Grandma and my little girl, age 2.
Grandma and my little girl, age 2. | Source
Mommy as clown, Daddy as wizard.
Mommy as clown, Daddy as wizard. | Source

Reasons Why I Didn't Like Halloween

As a child, I never liked Halloween. I was dismayed at the early age of three when my Mom dressed up my brothers in what I believe were scary masks. Back then, the masks were not as graphic as they are today. The idea of putting on a mask and trying to be a character you weren't upset me. But because I was the youngest, I went along with it. I was either a princess, or a clown. I dressed up for parties occasionally, but going around collecting candy was not my favorite thing to do. Especially when I had to wear orthodontic braces on my teeth for three years.

My Siblings Dress Up For Halloween

When I was about nine years old, my brothers decided to get dressed up on Halloween night and go out trick or treating. I stayed home because I wanted to be with Mommy. My oldest brother decided to dress up like what most people would call a "thug" wearing all dark heavy clothing (which consisted of several heavy sweaters and his football padding). Then he took one of my doll babies and removed the leg of the baby doll and put it in the waist of his pants. I can remember my Mom howling with laughter at how funny he looked, but I did not think it was funny at all.

My other brother went to the local convenience store where we usually went for our penny candy and quick grocery items up the street. He wanted to dress up funny for Mrs. Petit's Halloween costume party. It was being hosted there by the local fire department. He dressed up as an old lady. I watched Mom dress him up in a dress with pillows to make him proportionate, and put loud makeup to make him look like a lady of course. He was not self conscious at all. Then later that night, we turned on the television news to see that this costumed event had been filmed to broadcast. And my brother received the best costume award.

I Finally Have Fun At A Party

Even though my brothers had a lot of fun, I did not. Even though in my teens and even in my first year in college I enjoyed going to costume parties. Being older and unsupervised was what made it more fun. I did win a costume contest once at a party I attended the first year of college. My friend Chris and I were Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. We won the best costume award for that. I felt that it was because I sat up all night making the wigs and hats for the costumes.

My Children's Experience

My son and my daughter went trick or treating with me along with them, mainly due to the safety issues. There were numerous reports in the news that children were being poisoned or injured from tainted candy or treats. Who would want to harm little children! Unfortunately there are crazy people out there.

What Else Can Children Do For Fun

Alternative activities in the last twenty years is to dress up the children and head to the local shopping malls for activities and fun. Games, contests and receiving treats from the store merchants is now the common practice.

There should be an alternative theme to this famous celebrated day. Heroes and Famous people should be honored in an event in which children do role playing or focus on those in History who have made a difference in people's lives. Why should Freddie Krugar, Jason from Halloween, Harry Potter, Merlin, Avatar or even Krull be honored?! Those characters are really fictional, and did not have any impact on the building of any nations around the world to make a difference.

The Roman Catholics celebrate All Saints Day on November 1st. and All Souls Day on November 2nd. The old Catholic tale was that Halloween was evil and demonic. Well, as a Catholic school student, I must have believed that to be true. Perhaps that is the reason why I never enjoyed the anticipation of it. Now, as a nondenominational Christian celebrant , I see that all Christian Church Ministries have alternative activities on October 31st. They may call it a Harvest Party or October Fest.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and appropriate alternative to the October 31st event. As I am aware that I cannot change people's minds or plannings, I can only pray for peace for all the children to be safe and healthy on that day. As parents help their children prepare for their celebrated event, may they give them inspiration to think of the real people in life that should become costumed in everyone's thinking.


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    • profile image

      His daughter 7 years ago

      I'm with you on this one, CMcastro. When you check into the whole history and meaning of this time and what God's Word says in ralation to it, the choice ought to be simple. Just look at all the costumes etc. each year...they keep getting worse!!

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      CMCastro: It's a shame you never saw the enjoyment of make-believe as a child. With Halloween one can make-believe they are any character in life they wanted, and there is so much fun to see the surprize on the adult faces when you show up at their door.

      Brother Dave.