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Amazing Spa Holidays and Tourist Destinations of Cyprus

Updated on September 14, 2016

Spa Holidays to Cyprus

The lure of spa holidays carries with it the prospect of lively memories that every business or leisure traveler will relish. The natural grandeur of the island with its reputation as a holiday destination makes it an attraction for tourists from across the globe. Beginning from the airport, you will find a plethora of hospitality sites that will cater for your holiday needs in Cyprus.

The scenery of the boutique harbor resorts of Cyprus matches with the castles and boats that line up the landscape. The stunning surroundings beckon to the visitor who desires to explore fitness options and amazing pampering packages on offer at this hospitality haven. The beauty of planned escapes is captured by the range of activities that are available on this island nation.

The Private Spa Sessions

A range of private training sessions are available for people looking forward to fitness objectives and the insights are such that make the getaway experience more enriching than you can probably envisage. There are other personal experience attractions like deep tissue massage, body scrub and the whole regimen of treatment for tired muscles that caters for the traveler's well being. A session at any of the spas with top-notch reputation is sure to make you long for a return to Cyprus.

The cleanliness, serenity and heart-warming reception that await every traveler at this hospitality haven explain the excellent customer reviews that are available online. Some of the packages here cater for couples, families and individuals, so that everyone has a chance to get the best experience whenever they arrive here.

The Public Spa Sessions

An array of packages also caters for public fitness sessions such that a number of people can have fitness classes if they decide on that option. Such daily group fitness classes can be an added motivation for those experiencing it for the first time. If it is the complimentary or the paid session that is your attraction, you have a range of hotels that offers such an experience –of a –lifetime that most people cannot forget.

Some spa packages are arranged for groups of people who travel together to experience what is on offer while others come here on personal packages. Whether you are traveling with a group, traveling alone or coming with your family, the standard of services are maintained for every class of traveler who visit here.

The Countryside

The Lure of the Seaside Experience

The seaside resorts and other boutique services are other options that are open for exploration when you come on a spa holiday to Cyprus. The varieties of hospitality picks are such that gives the tourist a range of possibilities such that makes it possible to enjoy value for money.

Your spa holiday to Cyprus can be relishing, relaxing and eventful at the resorts that line up the landscape of this island nation.

5 Top Amazing Views of Cyprus

When planning your holidays to Cyprus, it is an added advantage if you consider a visit to the amazing attractions of this Island nation and you will be glad you did. Here is an outline:

1.The Nea Pafos

This 4th century BC relic is located near the harbour of Paphos. It is reputed to have housed an ancient theatre as well as several ancient Roman villas and the forty column Byzantine Castle which was built as an ancient fortification composed of granite columns. All these present an array of scenic attractions to consider when planning your holidays to Cyprus.

Many tourists realize that walking on the grounds of these ancient relics is an once-in-a-lifetime event, so they take the opportunity of their Cyprus holidays to be here. If their lodging venues are luxurious like , they know they can enjoy a time of rejuvenation when they retreat indoors after the day’s tour.

2. The Castle of Kolossis

This 13th century castle has survived the test of time and was restored in 1454 by Louis de Magnac and his coat of arms still adorns the castle to date. The Kolossis Castle was initially built as a fortification by the Knights Hospitallers in the 1210. A tour of the grounds is considered by every visitor as breath-taking and it is sure to be a worthy addition among the top 5 views to consider during your holidays to Cyprus.

3. Amathus

This is considered to be the host of the most ancient relics that can be found on the island of Cyprus and it dates back to more than 1,000 years BC. It is reputed to have played host to the Romans, Phoenicians and Ptolemy over its history. You will find tombs that are well-preserved, Acropolis temple, public baths,and relics of an ancient palace among others if you visit here during your Family Holidays to Cyprus.

4. Kalavasos-Tenta

This ancient relic is one of the top attractions you will find in Cyprus and it is a Neolithic settlement that has been carbon-dated to the 8th Century B.C. It comprises of village huts that were in built in circular shapes. If you come with your walking shoes, you can explore the ruins of Kalavasos-Tenta during your family holidays to Cyprus.

The sense of adventure is sure to keep you enthralled as you explore this whole landscape but you can be assured of a refreshing time when you retreat to your lodging at the end of the day’s tour.

5. Choirokoitia

This settlement has been dated by UNESCO as dating back to 7000BC with its proof as the first point of human occupation on the island. A few circular huts are still standing on these shores and during your holidays to Cyprus, you can explore all that you can.

Seafront at Night


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    • dolphme2000 profile image

      Oare Da Vinci 19 months ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Cheers Cee-Jay and it is affordable!

    • Cee-Jay Aurinko profile image

      Cee-Jay Aurinko 19 months ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Oare, the island of Cyprus sounds exactly like the kind of place where I would like to spend a family holiday. The ocean, the mountains, the ruins... I have to get there. Thank you for writing this hub.