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Peacock Themed Gift Ideas

Updated on September 7, 2016
Metal Peacock Image
Metal Peacock Image | Source

Peacock Designs Can Make Your Gifts Look Stunning

Peacocks are extraordinarily beautiful, large and unique birds and it is no surprise that the peacock designs are so popular. These designs in many otherwise common accessories make them truly unique and perfect gifts, especially suitable for occasions like Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Peacock designs are also available in home decors which make them suitable gift choices for both men and women.

Peacocks have great importance in many ancient cultures and they have been considered as the symbol of beauty and elegance.

The usage of peacock patterns in art works have had wide spread popularity in both ancient and modern times and they are being used in paintings, craft works, embroideries and even stone works and potteries. The designs of peacocks and their feathers in silk saris are so popular in India.

Did you know about the association of peacocks with Easter?

Peacock is a symbol of life and rebirth and it was always associated with spring and Easter celebrations in the past.

Hair Accessories

Peacock designs in accessories can be really beautiful and attractive and they can make your hair look so beautiful.

If you like to decorate your hair with peacock designs, here you can find some great hair accessories. Peacock designs in hair accessories like simple hair clips can give a royal and elegant look to any one. These can be great to wear for parties.

Vintage Style Hair Clips With Crystals

The first one displayed here is a Vintage style hair clip with Swarovski Crystals and beautiful peacock design.

The second one is another beautiful hair clip with blue and green crystals in green coloured peacock design.

Some facts about peacocks

We all know that peacocks have bright attractive feather colours. The feathers may be blue, green or white, and plumage in blue and green feathers is so distinct and attractive.

The white peacocks are leucistic, not albinos but they are often mistaken as albinos.

Sadly, the overall peacock population has declined over the years and the green coloured species is now endangered. The more commonly found blue peacocks are also facing the threat of extinction.

The male birds have long tail feathers than the female birds, and so they appear to be more beautiful. The female birds have more brown coloured feathers.

Peacocks are mostly found in forests and they are omnivores. They are one of the largest flying birds which are also pheasants.

Peacocks have great importance in many cultures including Indian and Greek cultures. In fact, the blue Indian peacock is the national bird of India.

Indian peafowls are the most popular ones known by most of us, as you can usually see them in zoos. The male and female birds are collectively referred to as peafowls even though most people are unaware about this. The word peacock refer to the male bird whereas the female birds are called as peahens.

More Cute Gifts

Bangles And Brooches

The bangle bracelets is a very unique set made with resins and gold toned interior and of course, they are printed with peacock feather designs. There are three bangles which come in different widths with the peacock feathers printed on them. This can be a wonderful gift that can be given for occasions like birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

The beautiful brooch consists of blue stones and crystals and it is designed to be a great valentines day gift to anyone who likes jewels and peacock art. It has clear blue crystals and it comes with few spare crystals and also a gift box or favour bag.

Amazingly beautiful cocktail dress with sequins, beads and beautiful peacock inspired designs.

Peacock Feather Designs Printed Homecoming Cocktail dress

Home Decors

Decorate Your Home With Grace

If you like to decorate your home with elegant peacock designs, there are many beautiful home decors available with pretty peacock patterns which make them attractive gifts.

If you like to sleep on peacock designs, peacock pillows are there for you.

Wind chimes, pillows, paintings etc. with the elegant and royal designs make them really look great. I am surprised how the can make simple things look so beautiful and change the outlook of any home so easily. They can add a dramatic look to your home with little effort.

Most of the items are very much affordable too.

Peacock Wind chime And Hand fan

Bring music to your garden with this beautiful and colourful wind chime iwith peacock design.

Which other design is best suited for a hand fan other than the peacock whose feathers are spread around? This hand fan is available in other colours too.

It is the beautiful patterns in peacock feathers make them look so special and different. I don’t think there will be any one who doesn’t admire the beauty of this bird.

I love these designs for their elegance and beauty.

I have a beautiful memory related to this. When I was small, my mother had a beautiful blue dress with golden colored peacock designs all over it. She used to wear it often since I liked it very much. In fact I insisted she wear it. I believe there are peacocks living in hills near to my parent's home, as my parents have seen them in their garden. However, I never had the luck to see them outside zoos.

Peacock Decorative Pillow and Decorative Chair Cushion Cover

Beautiful and elegant pillow with blue peacock design, which is made of polyester silk.

Beautiful blue cushion cover with golden coloured peacocks, which is made of fabric silk blend.

Leucistic White Peacock
Leucistic White Peacock | Source
Beautiful Blue Peacock
Beautiful Blue Peacock | Source

Do you like peacock designs in your gifts?

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