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An Amazon Gift Card: One Way to Give the Perfect Gift

Updated on February 5, 2011

Oh no! Did that holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation, or another special day sneak up on you again? There is still time for you to give that last minute perfect gift. Consider giving an Amazon Gift Card.  By using the Email option, your card(s) can be delivered to your friends or family's In-Box right on that special day, even it is today!

There are millions of items in numerous categories to choose from on or Also, this Gift Card never expires, the recipient can buy an item immediately or in the future when an item catches their eye. You can be sure you will be giving the ultimate value for a gift because compared to retail prices, items on are generally cheaper and it is amazing how fast an item arrives at the doorstep.

One Size Fits All

An Amazon Gift Card is the perfect one size-fits-all gift, especially for those hard to buy for individuals.  This will ensure that your gift recipient gets exactly what they wish for. The Amazon Gift Card comes in numerous denominations, from $10 to $1,000 and can be sent electronically via e-mail, or through Facebook and the Amazon Gift Card can be mailed and now there is a Print-At-Home option.  Once received, not only can they choose from many products, but also Kindle downloads, Mp3 downloads too. And Amazon Gift Cards are not just for Christmas, but any holiday or occasion. All versions of the Gift Cards come in different designs depending on the occasion.

Methods of Amazon Gift Card delivery & Redemption

Over the Counter:

Amazon Gift Cards are usually available at the larger chain stores; there are Gift Card racks right near the checkout counters. Also Coinstar has available Amazon Codes in exchange for the coins you turn in.


A very fast way to get the gift card. Simply add the Amazon Gift Card to your cart, proceed to checkout, choose 1-day free shipping and complete your order...done! Your gift card is on its way immediately or you can schedule it up to a year in advance with their handy calendar option.


Equally as fast for delivery. With your permission Amazon will access your Facebook friends and birthdays, then will post a gift card to their wall on the date you choose. Only that friend will see the amount and access code, but you can choose for everyone to see that you sent an amazon gift card. Rest assured the connection between Amazon and Facebook isn't permanent, Amazon doesn't share account information, purchase history, nor does it attempt to contact your friends. An Amazon Gift Card sent to Facebook is also available to be sent immediately or up to a year in advance.

Gift Card Mailed:

With the 1-day Free Shipping option, the standard Gift Card can be mailed almost at the last minute in time to give. The plastic Gift Card is attached to the inside of a greeting card with plenty of space for your personal message along with an additional envelope for giving, and you can choose from numerous holiday or occasion designs. Also, if you choose to have the gift card mailed to your recipient, Amazon will print a gift note to the packing slip. To choose this, click on the "order is a gift" box during checkout.

Print At Home Gift Card:

You can print your gift card from your home printer. Choose from at least 29 different designs, Fill out the form provided, input your payment information, and print your card.

Redemption of your Gift Card:

All forms of the Amazon Gift Card can be redeemed at or toward the full or partial purchase of an item. If the item is more than the gift card, the buyer can simply input their own payment information for the balance. Any unused Gift Card balance remains on the card to be used at a later date. They can view their Gift Card balance at anytime by visiting the "Your Account" section on

Just 3 of the many designs

10 Stars for Gift Card giving

Placing an order for a Gift Card is so easy and they can be purchased for any occasion. With the 1-day free shipping option it is so easy to get a gift at the last minute and one that your recipient will have so much fun using.

I have ordered these cards many times and they always arrive as promised, whether via email or the other delivery methods. Also Amazon's customer service is amazing as always if there should be a problem.


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