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Where to enjoy afternoon tea in the Raleigh & Triangle Area, NC

Updated on November 3, 2014
Hosting a traditional tea party in your home can be a truly elegant affair.
Hosting a traditional tea party in your home can be a truly elegant affair.

Enjoy traditional afternoon tea in Raleigh or Cary!

In North Carolina, sweet tea is the popular beverage of choice for many. Yet many also enjoy the tradition of a proper afternoon tea service, and while sweet tea can be found almost anywhere one dines, it is not so easy to find a tearoom in North Carolina. There are a few, to be sure, and while some can be found in towns surrounding Raleigh, there doesn't currently appear to be a tearoom in Raleigh itself, nor in neighboring Cary, despite the abundance of nearly every other type of restaurant imaginable.

Tearooms near Raleigh and the Triangle area

For many in the Raleigh, Cary, Apex, and surrounding areas, afternoon tea is more than just a hot cup of tea on a warm or cold afternoon. It’s a time to gather with friends or family and enjoy the English tradition of afternoon tea with more substantial, delicious fare and delightful conversation. An afternoon tea in Raleigh is a reason for a woman to wear a hat, or for best friends to enjoy a rainy afternoon sipping tea by the fire. Afternoon tea can also introduce children to something new, to entertain visiting family or friends, or it can just be something different to do with the people in your gardening club or your book club.

Afternoon tea can be enjoyed with any of the wonderful bouquet of flavors available, from fruitful florals to energizing herbals, comforting black teas such as Earl Grey and the spicy concoctions like Chai or Orange Spice, and the many red, white and green teas.

With a selection of fine teas, delectable foods, tea sandwiches and tasty scones, a tea party is a great way to enjoy company with friends or family, and also makes a memorable bridal shower or baby shower. If you don't mind driving a bit of distance, there are two tearooms you might consider for your afternoon tea or nice lunch.

You can also host a unique and affordable tea party in your home

The Lucky Teapot Traveling Tea Parties will help you host a traditional afternoon tea party, and offers a variety of packages to suit your needs and budget. The convenience of being in your own home and the abundance of food and tea offered is a great value. For a truly unique gathering of friends and family, a traveling tea party is an excellent choice.

The Lucky Teapot Traveling Tea Parties is located in Cary, North Carolina, but will travel to host parties in Raleigh, Apex, Holly Springs, Garner, and essentially any area within a 25 mile radius of Cary. Now you no longer need to travel in order to find a tearoom in Raleigh or surrounding areas, you can enjoy the food and atmosphere of an English tearoom right in your home.

The Lucky Teapot turns transforms your home into a quaint, charming tearoom setting

An afternoon tea is perfect for bridal showers and baby showers!

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Enjoy the English tradition of afternoon tea in Raleigh and surrounding areas!

The Lucky Teapot Traveling Tea Parties keeps the English tradition of afternoon tea in Raleigh alive and well, serving an assortment of high-quality flavors of tea along with a three-tiered platter of traditional scones, tea sandwiches, and other delectable treats.

Regardless of the occasion, The Lucky Teapot Traveling Tea Parties likes to always think of tea as an opportunity to enjoy good company, special friendships, and a bit of food–essentially, a chance to have a wonderful time!

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