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Anaheim High School Specters

Updated on October 21, 2015

Colonial Ghosts Uprising

During the colonial reincantations at football games at Anaheim High School, the spirits are awakened and rise to the drumbeats, squealing and screaming youth, while the trumpets are blaring from the fields and into the locker rooms of the haunted Anaheim High School the spirits are stirred from their slumber.

The ghosts and specters awaken to the sounds on the football fields and are reminded of another time during the second World War when the spirits themselves used to hear the battle sounds and stumming of the drums to alert the colonists of the oncoming war. (WWII).

After the football games thumping sounds could be heard in the halls of the cafeteria and next to the boys locker room where the World War II bomb shelters made of steel were stationed. Fists and hands begin banging on the hard steel of the bomb schelters and are invisible hands to the human eye. The spirits and specters slap and pound with there fists as the sounds bellow through the halls and into the adjacent areas.

Ghostly apparitions and uneasy feelings of specters watching you from the field to the auditiorium and theater and at every move in and around the cafeteria, on the field, and especially in the auditorium.

The adobe Anaheim High school was built by the German Colonists in 1859 and only held a handful of students until it was destroyed by flood and as hisory would have it; it evolved and changed with the times.

History tells a story of the Anaheim High School being a Bomb shelter and it also housed a town jail at one time.

Tales and rumors of Anaheim High School Alumni declare that they have seen apparitions on the stage in the auditorium, and heard creepy voices and laughter of the un-dead on and in the auditorium. (

A young girl walks and paces through the halls of the campus, she walks across the back side of the field where a football game is going on. The young girl further walks to the auditorium where she enters and hangs her head sobbing then turning and laughing uncontrollably. Then the unthinkable the girl gets rope that is part of the theatre's rafters and hangs herself until she is motionless on the ropes of death.

Many students also claim to have seen a girl in the auditorium where it is rumored that she hung herself. Laughter and shreaks come from the auditorium and threatre where the footsteps of a specter follows the students around in the auditorium.

By Aida Garcia



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