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Angry Birds Costumes for Halloween

Updated on September 10, 2012

Angry Birds started as a phone app and grew into a whole franchise! This mindless game is very addicting and yes very fun! My son and I both like to play this game! It is amazing that the story line has such a broad appeal. If you don't know the story for this game goes something like this:

Kingpin Pig and his buddies steal the eggs from the birds which in turn makes them ANGRY! Throughout each level this little green pig heads are nestled in some sort of structure made of virtual glass, wood, and concrete. The Angry Birds take turns launching themselves at the pigs in hopes of destroying them. it is a lot of fun to launch the bird and hear it crash through wood or hear the sound of breaking glass. It is even fun to see the little green pigs to get black eyes if we cannot get it them the first time. The levels get more difficult the higher you go.

As you progress to the different levels you get to know the different birds that have different powers. The yellow bird can take down a pig if you aim him just right. This chunky bird can go faster if you click on him in mid air. (I am not embarrassed to say my six year old taught me that trick!) The blue birds are ineffective as one but when you click on them they multiply into three birds. ( another neat trick my son taught me). The Red birds ( as far as i know) don't have any superpowers but can still cause some damage. The white birds can drop eggs on a pig in hard to reach places. And my son's favorite, the bomb bird can take care of a everything if you just put him in the right place!

I love how the "play " does not end after the bird is launched. So many things can go wrong or right until the bird pops! It is fun to see pigs or bird or other items roll around causing a chain reaction!

Well enough about the game! On to the costumes!

Who is your favorite Angry bird?

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Have your child be a red Angry bird for Halloween. No they are not the fastest or heaviest but these birds are definitely the most popular.This trademark bird is the most famous one out of all the Angry Birds.This Angry bird costume pulls over the body for an easy fit. Please consult the sizing chart to make sure your child has an accurate fit!

Angry Bird costume in yellow

Everyone likes this Angry Bird because he is fast and strong. But be careful to aim well or you will over shoot the whole pig structure! This is a pullover yellow body suit. Please consult the children's sizing chart to make sure you get an accurate fit! Black leggings are not included.

Of course Angry Birds are for adults too! Check out the Angry Birds pullover mask. This fabric mask comes in the yellow Angry Bird or the red angry bird. Your face is shown through the beak! A very cute and simple costume. You can wear it with just about anything!

Who doesn't love the Angry Bomb bird? Just hit the right spot and Kapow! There goes the whole Kingpig house! This costume comes in adult sizes only. it is a body suit that pulls over easily. Instead of having your head peek out of the mouth it is revealed at the top! I love the bird graphic eyes and expression on this bird!

Yeah, you know this face! And if you are an Angry Pigs addict then you know just how much this guy gets under your skin! Every time you miss he and his minion pigs give little oink chuckles! This mask is a pullover polyester and foam fabric mask that is very cute ( even for Kingpin). The mouth opening is wide enough for your face.

Let your children get in on the act with these cute Angry Bird costumes for toddlers. They come in King Pig, Yellow Bird and Red Bird. These costumes are nice because they are full length costumes with no masks. They come in sizes 2T to 4 T.

This Angry Bird hat would look great on little ones. Although there is a caution not to let children under three wear it because of small parts! This hat comes in more than just the blue bird. it comes in the Black bird, Red bird and green pig too! I am thinking my six year old would like one of these hats because he is such a fan! This hat got high marks because it was an instant Halloween costume!

What do the Angry Birds say when they are launched?

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    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 6 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      I've never come across the game - sounds entertaining, if time zapping.

      Great costume ideas!