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Angry Birds Stocking Stuffers

Updated on November 18, 2012

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

As a child, I always thought that one of the best parts of Christmas was getting up early to find out what was in my Christmas stocking. it is almost like these small gifts were more fun than the main Christmas gift itself. We always had a coin, a tangerine, a chocolate orange and a walnut among our stocking fillers.

Even when kids grow up or when we are adults and we get to buy presents for others, it is always fun to buy small presents or stocking stuffers, even if they aren't going to end up in a stocking! Stocking stuffers can be really just for fun and add some joy and excitement to the proceedings with more presents to open.

So with that in mind I thought I would give you my list of my favorite Angry Birds stocking stuffers. These are a great choice because Angry Birds seems to be popular with all age groups, so some of these presents couple be appropriate for a teenager or even your Dad, Mom, Aunt, Uncle etc as so many people are playing Angry Birds games these days.

Check out what you think of the ones below anyway. Angry Birds gifts vary from the actual cuddly toys themselves, to iPad cases, phone covers and keyrings. In fact there are Angry Birds versions of pretty much anything that you can imagine!

These gifts can also be good options if you have to buy for a lucky dip or secret Santa because of the fact that they are suitable for many people.

Red Angry Birds USB Flash Thumb Drive 4GB
Red Angry Birds USB Flash Thumb Drive 4GB

Angry Birds 4Gb thumbdrive - store or copy documents with this great fun external thumb drive with Angry Birds logo - also available in yellow or black.

Angry Birds Plush 5-Inch Blue Bird with Sound
Angry Birds Plush 5-Inch Blue Bird with Sound

Angry Birds plush soft toy with authentic Angry Birds sounds effect when squeezed - great for the kid of big kid in the family!


Angry Birds Fancy Dress

If you want to go really crazy and all out on the Angry Birds accessories then you can always go for the Angry Birds fancy dress costume. These are available in various colors of the different birds and for kids and adults alike.

Check out my other article on Angry Birds Fancy Dress Costumes to get further information on these!

Alternatively you can get many gifts on eBay, whether they are brand new or second hand and there are plenty of Angry Birds customized items that you can get hold of at pretty good prices. Check out some of the options on eBay as shown below. These will be updated depending on what is available at this time.


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