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Animal Halloween Costumes Men vs Women

Updated on October 8, 2013

People love animals and they can be a fun costume for Halloween. I decided to follow up on this category when writing Holiday Halloween Costumes Men vs. Women. After seeing the Easter Bunny and Santa’s reindeer, I realized animal costumes would easily fit into this series or articles. I did not do as many costumes as usual, because the color and prints change according to the animal’s distinct pattern, but they are basically the same costumes.


Bats are one of the animals most associated with Halloween. It was surprising that there were not more variations of bat costumes available. The costumes seen are the only ones I could find for sale in mass production. Men bat costumes are large baggy black suits with large wings attached. There was one that came with black tights. The only female bat costume that completely covers the body was skin tight and still managed to show off the human form underneath. However, this costumes did look more aerodynamic than the male counterparts. The other two bat female costumes showed off a lot of skin. One looks like a fairy costume colored black and the other had more fabric used for the wings than the rest of the costume put together.


Men get full bear suits for their Halloween costumes. Most of these costumes make it impossible to see who is inside, except a few that have the persons head sticking out of the open jaw. Women bear costumes look as if they are wearing wearing a bear fur dress/coats. There are bear ears to help distinguish what type of animal the fur belongs to, but without those it is hard to tell what these costumes are supposed to be.


Much like the bear costume, Men have a full body suit. There are a few with complete heads, but most use the person’s face as the dog’s face. They use a rubber noses on the face to give a more authentic look. It was difficult to find any women dog costumes. However, when I typed in women “puppy” costumes several options became available. I guess using the words woman and dog in the same sentence will not draw a lot of customers. I can’t imagine why? These costumes barely resembled dogs at all. If not for the paw print or dalmatian pattern, these could be almost anything you put your imagination too.


Originally this was going to be mouse costumes, but the majority of the search results ended with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Men rat costumes once again become full body suits with only the face exposed. Rat costumes tend to go with the comedic rout of being stuck in a trap or steer toward the filthy rat stereotype. There is nothing dirty about a woman rat costume, unless you count the thoughts going through some people’s minds. These short skirt and skin tight outfits don’t leave much room imagination.


I was curious to see how an animal that is constantly being referred to as wearing a tuxedo would translate into a Halloween costume. I was surprised by the results. The men of course get the full body costume, but the women had a simple dress with penguin head hoodie. The large penguin feet moccasins went all the way up to the knees. Penguin costumes were the most equal animal costumes available for men and women in terms of how revealing the design.

Wild Cats

Simply typing in cats turned up a lot of interesting costume, many of which were on the dominatrix side of the spectrum. So I decided to clarify the search to wild cat costumes. In addition to the usual baggy full body costume, the search for men costumes also turned up a lot of team mascots. I did not include those, because they are not inline with the guidelines of this article’s topic. For women, the skin tight costumes are very popular. Perhaps they are trying to capture the graceful movement these animals are known for, because people will definitely be watching the movements of people wearing these outfits.

Image Sources

The costumes above were displayed multiple times in google image search results. These are the sites that I went to for the images. If you know of an image that belongs to a different site please let me know in the comment section below and I will make sure to give appropriate credit.

Thank You


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