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Entertaining Animated Christmas Decorations

Updated on March 22, 2011

Christmas decor of the past was colorful, yet somewhat boring. Sure it is fun to look at beautifully colored lights, but the real excitement this year comes with animated Christmas decorations. Animated Christmas decorations are really making a big splash with consumers this year. More companies are offering these fun and entertaining options for home and outdoor décor. If you are curious, consider looking for some of these wonderful animated Christmas decorations at your local Christmas store.

Indoor Animated Christmas Decorations

There are several varieties of animated Christmas decorations for indoor use. You can now find many different types of plush snowmen and other characters that will dance and sing upon activation. Many are miniature Santa's and angels.

The animated Santa climbs up and down the stepladder.
The animated Santa climbs up and down the stepladder.

These animated decorations are usually about three feet high and can stand on any flat surface. They sometimes sing, sway, dance, or just play music. They are quite entertaining. Most are activated by pushing a small button, although some are motion activated.

Another type of indoor animated Christmas décor is the animated village. Many companies are offering animated villages this year. Animated villages usually contain a small faux skating pond with the skaters actually gliding around. Some also contain winter carnival scenes, with the rides actually moving. The sets are often one piece, unlike villages of the past. They easily coordinate however with pre-existing villages you have. The Christmas villages are classy ways to use animated Christmas decorations in your home.

Outdoor Animated Christmas Decorations

There is one animated outdoor decoration that has been around for a few years and that is the moving reindeer. Many people are probably familiar with the white light reindeer that moves his neck gently. This animated Christmas decoration is still a popular and lovely option for outdoor animated décor. You can add it to scenes with stationary décor to liven up the area. If you create a pond of blue lights, you can position the moving deer as if it is drinking from the pond, which is adorable.

One of the most interesting animated outdoor pieces this year is the animated giant snow globe. This snow globe stands over six feet tall and is made from heavy duty clear plastic. It is an inflatable, so it works using a fan and electric. The snow globe contains a smaller family of inflatable penguins inside it. The "snow" in the globe is always moving; allowing the scene to look like it is constantly snowing. There is a pumping mechanism that helps this system flow freely. The "snow" is pumped from the bottom of the globe up to the top and back through again. This is a great item that consumers will likely see more of in coming years.

Indoor and outdoor animated Christmas decorations really add to your holiday décor. You can add just one of two of these items to your Christmas decorations and see a huge difference. They are eye appealing and your holiday guests will love their entertaining ability. Children especially love these moving decorations and will be mesmerized for hours by them. They are sound investments for someone looking to update their holiday decorations this year.


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