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Anniversary Gifts for Parents Under $50

Updated on February 17, 2015

Your parents’ anniversary is coming up, have you thought about how you will honor their strong marriage on their special day?

With the divorce rates at an all-time high, they deserve to be recognized with something a little special, wouldn’t you agree?

Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Anniversary gifts for parents should be special, and this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank! You should, however, consider the following things when shopping around for gifts:

  • Milestone anniversary: Milestones are especially important and should be emphasized because it takes an awful lot to hit those milestones! There’s generally colors/precious stones or metals associated with milestone anniversaries which can really help in shopping for appropriate gifts!

  • Interests: If your parents have a hobby they enjoy together, then getting them something to indulge in that hobby together is nothing short of a great idea!

  • Memories: They’ve created a lot of memories over the years, and you really can’t go wrong with getting them something that will preserve those memories for years to come!


Great Gift Ideas

Here is a list of anniversary gifts for parents that they will love:

  • Willow Tree Promise figurine: Willow Tree has many unique figurines for every occasion and adding to a collection will always make a great gift! This is my favorite one for anniversaries!

  • Engraveable champagne flutes: If this is a milestone anniversary, then they should certainly have a nice keepsake from it. Engrave names or anniversary year number on these beautiful flutes!

  • "The Boss" and "The Real Boss" tumblers: This is the perfect gift for parents who have a good sense of humor. They will love these matching tumblers!

  • Photo Collage: Get a hold of pictures of your parents from the time they met to having kids and everything in between. Make a nice timeline collage and have it framed! It will always serve as a reminder from where they started and everything they created simply by loving each other!

  • "A True Love Story Never Ends" collage frame: This frame says it all, and will say even more once personal pictures are placed in the frames! A very nice gift for an anniversary and to have on their wall!

  • Restaurant gift card: Although a bit less personal, you can never go wrong with gifting your parents a gift card to their favorite restaurant! If you have insider information as to where they have a lot of memories, opt for a gift certificate to that specific place!

  • Snowglobe picture frame: If your parents like snow, then they will love this snowglobe because they can always be surrounded by flurries!

  • Digital picture frame: Being that this is a gift for an anniversary, it’s likely that there’s lots of pictures documenting their past! Preload a few onto the frame to ensure it brings big smiles!


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  • Wine tool set: Gift your parents everything they need to enjoy a bottle of wine, including a nice bottle of wine! Encourage them to break out the flutes from their wedding to celebrate the anniversary!
  • Throw a party: Although $50 seems a bit too scarce for a party, if you can convince siblings or other family members to contribute this much to make their day special, you can throw one huge anniversary party! Consider couponing to save some money and DIY decorations and food!

  • Portrait package: Many stores, such as JC Penney, run great photo package specials that you can certainly take advantage for a gift! How long has it been since your parents had their pictures professionally done, just them? Likely not since their big wedding day!

  • Scrapbook: If you are an avid scrapbooker, put your talents to work and make them a nice scrapbook showing how they have grown together from the time they got married up to the present day!

  • Family tree wall art: Many shops on Etsy and all over the web sell customizable prints where all family members names are placed on a print of a family tree! Make sure it has a nice frame to go along with it!

Parents never expect anything from their children, so they will know that anything that comes from you comes straight from your heart, and that in itself will be appreciated. Whatever you decide on, always include a nice card!

The Best Gift Ever!


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