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Anniversary Quotes to Write in a Card

Updated on August 28, 2016
Blake Flannery profile image

Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

Anniversary Quote Images

Carnie Wilson Marriage Quote
Carnie Wilson Marriage Quote
Rita Rudner Marriage Quote
Rita Rudner Marriage Quote
Bill Cosby Marriage Quote
Bill Cosby Marriage Quote
Marilyn Monroe Marriage Quote
Marilyn Monroe Marriage Quote
Winston Churchill Marriage Quote
Winston Churchill Marriage Quote
Funny Groucho Marx Marriage Quote
Funny Groucho Marx Marriage Quote
Friedreich Neitzsche Marriage Quote
Friedreich Neitzsche Marriage Quote
Martin Luther Marriage Quote
Martin Luther Marriage Quote
Julia Child Marriage Quote
Julia Child Marriage Quote
Simone Signoret Marriage Quote
Simone Signoret Marriage Quote
Peter De Vries Marriage Quote
Peter De Vries Marriage Quote
Franz Schubert Marriage Quote
Franz Schubert Marriage Quote
Patrice Leconte Marriage Quote
Patrice Leconte Marriage Quote
Soctrates Marriage Quote
Soctrates Marriage Quote
Henny Youngman Marriage Quote
Henny Youngman Marriage Quote

Fresh Anniversary Quotes

Anniversary quotes can help you put words to your wedding or dating anniversary when you're not sure what to say or write. Sometimes you need a good anniversary quote for an anniversary card message, speech, toast, or other occasion. Anniversary quotes add an element of deep thinking or humor that you can't get on your own. Quotes back up what you want to say, because someone else said them first.

Use the following anniversary quotes for your own personal use for your anniversary or other special occasion. The anniversary quotes are new, fresh quotes from 2010. If these anniversary quotes were said any other time, it is pure coincidence. All quotes were made up by Blake Flannery unless otherwise noted.

Original Marriage Quotes

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Love, Anniversary, and Marriage Quotes

  1. "If staying married to you the rest of my life is crazy, then I don't want to be sane."
  2. "Anniversaries are a reminder that you have to keep falling in love with the same person year after year to make the marriage work."
  3. "Anniversaries give us a reason to treat each other like we aren't married anymore. We are just dating on our anniversary."
  4. "Some say love is complicated, but love is simple. It's the people involved that cause the problems."
  5. "Husbands should treat their wives like girlfriends and wives should treat their husbands like boyfriends on their anniversary. Then you'll want to get married again, but won't have to go through the trouble."
  6. "No one ever gets a promotion out of the titles of husband and wife, but it is possible to be fired."
  7. "Love is a four letter word, just like the others."
  8. "Love is a short word for something that lasts a long time. Infatuation is a long word for something that lasts a short time."

Famous Quotes about Wives and Husbands for Anniversary

Quotes about Wives

  1. "The reason they're called the opposite sex is because every time you think you have your wife fooled-it's just the opposite." -Walter Winchell
  2. "If our wives don't treat us like they should, we ought to be very grateful." -Anonymous
  3. "No man prospers without the consent and cooperation of his wife." Abigail Adams

Quotes about Husbands

  1. A husband is one who stands by you in troubles you wouldn't have had if you hadn't married him." Anonymous
  2. "It makes a wife shudder to think what bad habits her husband might acquire if he did not smoke, drink, and swear." -Anonymous
  3. "My husband will never chase another woman. He's too fine, too decent, too old." -Gracie Allen

Funny Anniversary Quotes

  1. "In the mourning of our anniversary, my wife always reminds me what day it is by wearing black."
  2. "An anniversary is a time to ask yourself if you are the type of person who looks at the glass as half empty or half full."
  3. "Whoever started the concept of buying a gift and writing in a card for anniversaries owes millions of guys an apology."
  4. Celebrating an anniversary is like celebrating birthdays. There's no way out of having another one without someone dying."
  5. "When I forget to give my wife anniversary flowers, I just tell my wife that I am her perennial husband."
  6. "It's best to wait to have sex until your wedding night. That way, when you need to remember your anniversary, you will have something fun to remember your wedding day by."
  7. "In one old culture it was totally acceptable to treat anniversaries like any other day. Unfortunately that culture died off because there were no women"
  8. "Each anniversary is a reminder that neither person is getting any younger and options are getting slimmer. This is the true reasons marriages get happier with age."
  9. "Whenever I hear someone talk about celebrating their three month anniversary, it makes me want to puke. What they are really talking about is their luniversary... The day they started letting infatuation turn them loony"
  10. "Anniversaries are the best time to thank God that you don't have to be part of the dating scene any more."

Love Quotes Read by a Girl

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