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Another All Hallows' Eve

Updated on October 5, 2014

The rain has stopped, the autumn sky is clear.
All know what it is, that draws so near.

Time has come, to both mourn and grieve,
for the calendar shows, it is All Hallows' Eve.

The full moon rises, so hauntingly bright,
bringing fear and panic, this cold, cold night.

Ancient shadows now arise, but can't be seen,
whisper in the trees, spirits, trapped between.

They are here among us but once a year,
bringing death, pestilence and so much fear.

Windows are shuttered and the doors are locked.
Scabbards are empty and the guns are cocked.

Trying not to hear them, this ghostly night,
the cries and screams till day's first light.

Hair on your neck stands straight as you shiver,
a chill colder than any that winter could deliver.

Goblins, spectres and headless horsemen,
folks know they're coming, but can't say when.

On the hill they see coal black hounds with fiery eyes,
smelling of sulfur and howling, at the mournful skies.

Mercy be upon those that venture out on the road,
better keep powder and shot ready, for a quick reload.

Bell is tolling above the old white church,
the flock is coming, no need to search.

Outside their homes, they gather as one.
Eyes wide open, walk swiftly, don't run.

Inside the preacher gives them a knowing nod,
for they will be safe inside, the house of God.

The good folk kneel and pray 'til comes the dawn,
pleading no more fear and all evil to be gone.

Beyond the eastern hills, they see the sun,
the townsfolk now are safe, the night is done.

They rejoice knowing they have a long reprieve,
glad it's a year, before another, All Hallows' Eve.

© 2014 Greg Emerick

"The full moon rises, so hauntingly bright..."

Photo © 2011 Greg Emerick
Photo © 2011 Greg Emerick


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    • watchtime profile image

      watchtime 3 years ago

      thanks! glad you liked it.

    • Pollyanna Jones profile image

      Pollyanna Jones 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      Really great poem. Voted up!