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Another Christmas In Iraq And Afghanistan.

Updated on September 30, 2009

Another Christmas In Iraq!

on December 13, 2009 © -MFB III-

Sandy claws will emerge

from a chimney of smoke

bearing gifts of flame and death

as more young men get

bagged and make it

home in time for Christmas.

All boxed up neatly

and wrapped in

red, white and blue

they'll be laid lovingly

beneath pine trees

in Arlington as honored guests.

Stockings will be filled

three times a week

with one foot

and one stump

as twenty-something boys

hobble off to bed.

As offenses mount in Afghanistan

and men remain to maintain bases in Iraq

thousands more will being sent to make

palm trees their tannanbaum

decorated with tracers

and pieces of flesh

Insurgents will be packaging

little surprises all along

the pathways to the those
"Little towns of death-mayhem!"


how still our young boys will lie

above that deep and dreamless sleep

as their silenced souls fly by.

Tiny babies burned

beyond recognition

will be washed in the tears of

the grieving mothers

seeking their lost babes

and wailing, "What child is this?"

Haliburton will change it's name to

holly-burned 'em for the holidays

and overcharge a little more

for each soldiers Christmas dinner!

God/Allah will sit in his heavens

and shrug his shoulders

at this so called holy war

where both sides kill in his name

with neither understanding

that he sent his only son

to die for a much nobler cause

over two thousand years ago.

of course they were still fighting back then

in Baghdad and along the Tigris.

He died to give men free will

a choice over good and evil

and some choose to kill one other

for the will to be free of the right choices.

After a couple thousand

or more dead men later

and a couple of hundred thousand

or more dead Iraqis, both the innocent and guilty

some Christmas may finally bring home our boys

at least all of those who are not slain.

They will joyously fly home

shouting "hooorah, hoorah hoorah!!!"

on jet fueled sleighs

bearing a temporary peace.

Each carrying the hopes that

some "Silent night, Starless night"

all across this troubled planet

in the distant daze ahead

where we might all once again

simply "sleep in heavenly peace."

But for now it's another hapless holiday

for so many souls caught up in the ugliness

of this season of war.


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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Wow! I like your poetry. You should be in The New Yorker.