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April Fool’s Day prank ideas and props

Updated on March 19, 2013

April 1st, or as most people know it, April Fool’s Day, is one of the most exciting unofficial holidays in the year.

Kids love it, grown-ups adore it, and pets don’t really notice it.

When we are young, we pull pranks on others around us all the time, simply because we can. We are kids, and that is expected of us. We get creative, we get mean, but most of the pranks are a product of spur of the moment thoughts and ideas.

As we get older, we are thought that pranks are a byproduct of a childish behavior and have no place in our adult, structured and serious lives.

If you’re like me, you try to adhere to society’s standards of what is expected of you, but you like to cherish those few moments of recklessness you are entitled to. You don’t want to get rid of your inner kid.

That is why you (and me both) love April Fool’s Day. It is one day of the year when you can release a years’ worth of playful malice and stick it to the ones you love. Best part of it all – you won’t be judged for being immature; you’ll be praised for your creativity and skillfulness.

However, sometimes you need a little boost to form your ideas – a little help on the side. Below are just a few heists I participated in that can help you plan and create the ultimate prank on your family/friends/colleagues.


School in lock-down

Warning: Pulling off this prank could lead to some legal charges if you are caught. If you do attempt this, you are doing it on your own discretion (meaning, I will not be held responsible).

April Fool’s Day was a big deal in my high school. Every year groups competed on who will pull off the best and ultimate prank on not only the rest of us, but also on the school staff as well. During my final year there, we had a plan – a plan which would put us on the top of the list in the years to come.

We decided to lock up the school!

There were 4 of us in the group, and each had a unique assignment.

  • N. was the designated driver. He had to pick up all of us, drive us to the school and be on a stand by in a running car.
  • V. was responsible for obtaining gloves. We were obsessed with CSI back then and thought that normal police works that way as well. It was imperative that we leave as little trace of our presence as possible. Gloves needed to be in place to hide our fingerprints.
  • J. needed to procure chains for us. They had to be thick and strong; able to withstand breaking attempts for at least an hour.
  • I had to come up with good locks – preferably the professional kind, and not easily picked by school janitor.

In theory, everything was in place. Car was gassed up, V. took the gloves from his mom, J. got the chains and my dad bought the locks for us.

It was ShowTime!

Were you ever involved in an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank?

If you were, share your experience in the comments below

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I would like to tell you that the great school lockdown of 2003 was a legendary quest; a prank that no one managed to surpass, but that would be a lie.

Everything that could go wrong did.

  • We forgot to put on the gloves. When we realized that, it was already too late.
  • We didn’t count the number of doors correctly, and did not have enough chains and locks. In the end we only bolted a few.
  • Chains were not strong enough, and the next morning, the janitor managed to break them without even trying too hard.
  • Only the staff knew about the “prank” and we didn’t get the credit we expected – from them or from our peers.

All in all – it was a good idea, but young teenage minds did not execute it as they should – attention to details and good planning were skills we obtained much later in our lives.

It's always fun to pull a prank on somebody – a colleague who is a post-it freak received some special attention from a few of us! :)
It's always fun to pull a prank on somebody – a colleague who is a post-it freak received some special attention from a few of us! :)

Post-it queen

A colleague from work was obsessed with post-its. She always had to have them in all colors and shapes. It didn’t matter if there was something useful written on them or not, she would tape them on her monitor, wall, notebooks. In a nutshell, she was a post-it freak.

April Fool’s Day came about a few years back and some of us were bored at work.

S. was an easy target.

We took a s**tload of post-its and started taping them all around her desk. We couldn’t stop. We were maniacs. Even the GM took part in this endeavor.

Fair to say, S. was not happy when she came back from coffee. It took her days to sort out all the important ones and restore disorderly order on her desk.

It was a small and quick prank, relatively harmless, and not mega creative, so if you’re out of ideas, target a post-it freak around you and make their day more interesting.

Interesting pranks picked up from various sources on the net

Invest in a prank USB device. It will mess up someone’s cursor movements or randomly type various messages on the screen.

It is perfectly safe, and users will not experience any loss of important information.

All it will do is to provide some good and sneaky ha-ha moments for you.


Shock your friends – literally!

Try to give them some gum and watch their reaction when they reach for it.

Quick and small electric shock will teach them to be cautious the next time they try to take something from you.


  • Send a fake parking or tax fine to someone
  • Place a clear duct-tape over the sensor of their mouse – they won’t see it, but the cursor will not move
  • Change the language on your friends cell phone
  • Play with the clock at home – change the hour without telling any of your housemates
  • Prank call someone – it’s a classic one, aye?


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    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 4 years ago from Minnesota

      Funny, I like the prank USB drive! I've never heard of that before!