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Are You Hoping for Warm Weather for Easter?

Updated on March 14, 2013
The Hunter Alchemy Fan
The Hunter Alchemy Fan

Easter Weather

We all look forward to any Bank Holiday, well I do anyway. I like this part of the year because not only do I get to enjoy Mothers Day but then we have Easter followed by May Day and May Bank Holiday.I have to say Easter is the one break that keeps me smiling and is a long weekend not just a one day break. This year the end of winter is happening over the Easter weekend so the clocks go forward or backward I never really know, so it gives us hope that warmer weather is on its way. It is like we then rejuvenate for the rest of the year because no matter how bad things get it never seems so bad when the sun shines.

We start the spring cleaning or rather we should and prepare for Easter the same way we do for Xmas. I have 10 grandchildren and they love chocolate so Easter eggs are top of my list for them. My son's family moved to Dubai last year so two less to buy this year but just seems strange without them. One of my daughters always does an egg hunt in her garden for them all and they love it when they are sent out with their baskets to find the hidden eggs. It makes it a family occasion and her garden is quite large. While the children scramble searching all over the adults can sit in her conservatory drinking coffee and cheering them on. We then follow that with a family barbeque which we all enjoy.

She has an amazing looking Hunter ceiling fan in the conservatory.When the sun is shining it does get quite hot in it as all glass but once she turns the fan on we all love sitting out there as it gives a gentle cooling breeze so it almost feels like summer. I don't know what weather this Easter will bring because lately it has been horrendous so we all have our fingers crossed that we will enjoy it and be able to make use of the fan though the heavens only know if it will be sunny, wet or snowing this year. We are watching the forecast now every day so we can anticipate what we will get in two weeks because to us as a family it is a special time where we all get together.

I understand it is a religious holiday though I am not religious so for me and mine it is a time we welcome to be able to get together as a family and build memories. Life is very short and those memories will be with my grandchildren for a lifetime. Much like the Hunter fan which has a lifetime warranty they go on and on. I am grateful for my life and for my family and the holidays like Easter we get to spend together so yes I hope we have warmer weather so we can have another special Easter together.


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