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Army Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on May 21, 2012

Army Birthday Party Invitations

It does not matter If your guests are children or adults, decent party invitations are in order.

Instead of 'inviting' your guest you can 'recruit' them to come join the party forces. Be imaginative, use as much army talk as possible.

Ask your guests to wear camouflage clothes if possible, this will make the party even more fun!

Check Camo Gear Invitations

Army Party Decorations

This one might be obvious, camouflage colors should be on every step! When it comes to this party there is no such thing as to mouch camo.

Get latex ballons in army colors, streamers, banners, tableclooth...

Spice it up with some tanks, helicopters, planes - either balloons, wall decals or made out of cardboard.

With the use of sandbags (or something simmilar - it could be a stack of pillows) you can construct a bunker (this will be fun if you are hosting this party for children)


Set the table

There's a bunch of cool army themed party tableware you can use.

You can get preset party packs or get individual party supplies.

Instead of using cups I think using camo canteens will be even more authentic and fun (Check out Camo Canteens)

Simple Tank Cake Tutorial

Tank Cake


Army Birthday Party Food - Chow Time!

And here it is again! Camouflage! You can use this color scheme on the cake. You could aslo be doing tank cake (you can also get the tank cake topper) or try making a helmet cake.

I added a simple tank cake tutorial video (on the right) which will give you the basic idea on how to consturct a tank cake. You can pipe the green color (as in video) or use the fondnat which might even look better. To make the "wheels" easily use Oreo cookies.

Cupcakes - make your favourite cupcakes and frost them with different shapes of camo green. You can use camo cupcake liners.

Field Rations - when soldiers are on the field they usually have their field rations with them. Pack the food in small bags (aluminum foil, paper bags), write on the contents of the bag and pack it in a lunch box (can be a regular cardboard box). Use cookies, sandwitches, candy, dried fruits, juice... Kids will love this, especially if you will have fun missions (activities) for them.

Army Birthday Party Games

  • Bombs away! with water balloons have some target shooting. If you are planning this party in the summer you can also have the guests target each other.
  • Capture the flag! Make two (or more teams). Each team will have their headquarters and a small flag. Opposing teams must try to capture the "enemy's" flag and bring it to their headquarters. Headquarters should be a small space with a flag in it, team must not go into their own headquarters unless they have captured the enemy's flag. Enemy team can infiltrate the headquarters and steal the flag. When the team has the flag they need to return it to their HQ. They can run with the flag, toss it amongst each other but if the other team touches the wearer of the flag the flag is returned to the owner.
  • Target Practice! With water pistols (or air soft guns) shot the targets.
  • Mission! Call your guests to mission briefing. Instruct them on mission objectives and let the game begin; you can make many different scenarios (rescue mission, search and destroy, recon mission...). For each mission make a map (as you would for a treasure hunt), add some obstacles (rope under which they will have to crawl like soldiers), plank to walk across (crossing the grand river)...


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    • partypail profile image

      PartyPail 5 years ago from

      Great ideas for party games that are a perfect fit for the Army theme.They will surely create an atmosphere that really ties the theme together and keeps all of the party guests engaged and having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing!