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Ashmore and the Cartier Islands: Go On, Choose A Present, Right Now!

Updated on October 8, 2012

Ashmore and Cartier Islands

Creative Commons Licence  Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
Creative Commons Licence Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) | Source

Some people love to buy presents, and it's no chore to them at all but in fact more of a pleasure. These people are clearly and indubitably crazy. Buying presents is stressful! Choosing and purchasing gifts is a very difficult and arduous thing!

Of course, one thing that always helps tremendously is if you have some kind of a hint to work with. And by that I mean some type of inside knowledge: say if you know that the prospective recipient of your generous gift has spent the last ten years collecting Wedgwood china hedgehogs. Or they're utterly, helplessly obsessed with a particular football club. It gives you a place to start off from! (And if you're utterly lazy or unimaginative, a place to finish up in, too: off to Debenhams or the appropriate online shopping site, order your porcelain hedghog or branded football strip and Bob's your surgically enhanced auntie.)

Certainly a lot of people have a monomania of one kind or another that eases up the whole issue in this way. What if the potential receiver of a lovely, thoughtful gift from yourself has a fixation with a holiday destination, or a location that is of outstanding natural beauty and scientific interest? Like, say, Ashmore and the Cartier Islands? Does that make settling on your final purchase any easier?

Well you still have to choose your category of gift, of course – books, music? Art? Tickets, vouchers, fashion, sports? But at least within that particular category that you settle on, you have some kind of a place to start. Books, for example? If you're going to find yourself (or rather him, or her) a book related to Ashmore and the Cartier islands, then you only have to decide between fiction or non-fiction. Fiction? Then it's off to Amazon, or Borders, or Barnes & Noble, do a quick wiki search for authors or poets from, or, more likely, writing about, Ashmore or the Cartier islands, and make your choice amongst them before placing your order! Or choose a quality about the subject your gift recipient is interested in, e.g. uninhabited islands, and make your book choice with that in mind.

See, you can apply the method any which way, it's not so hard!


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