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Awesome Marijuana Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on September 18, 2014
Sexy Weed Costume
Sexy Weed Costume

Top Marijuana Halloween Costumes

For many people Halloween is the funnest holiday and dressing up and partying is a must.

If you've never purchased a good marijuana related Halloween costume, it's possible that you may just be too damn indecisive regarding the many choices you have to get a great weed costume.

If you're a female and want a sexy marijuana Halloween costume, hopefully help will be provided to you in this article hub, and if not then I'm glad I tried. But, if you do indeed need a great costume for a Halloween party keep reading. You will see a costume that will have you stopping traffic in their tracks.

The vital thing to think about when scouting for a great weed related Halloween costume is the place you're intending to wear it. If you aren't planning to go out, then I suppose it really doesn't matter much. But again, for anyone who's planning to do it real big and have tons of fun, you really should select a marijuana inspired costume that will be a hit and very memorable.

There is a good chance you will win the Halloween costume contest if you enter into one. Trust me, I won best costume last year at the annual Halloween Ball with the Keep Off the Grass marijuana costume featured at the top of this article. However, you possibly will not win so don't get mad if you lose. You will look awesome regardless!

This brings us into a "higher" mindset and enables us to express our own individuality and style when wearing a marijuana costume.

Are you self-confident, adventurous, and have an occasional wild streak? If that's the case, why don't you try one of the suggestions that are provided here. A human blunt, Cheech Marin, a sexy marijuana nurse costume, a 4:20 clock, Weed Man superhero, and many more marijuana Halloween costume ideas.

A few cannabis accessories might work for your style but don't expect to get as much positive attention as donning a whole costume.

If your a female with a halfway decent figure I highly suggest a sexy marijuana Halloween costume. Maybe you and your best friend can be twins. Regardless of whether you decide that you want to bare just a little or show lots of skin genuinely is dependent upon you, simply because only you understand which elements of your body you are most secure flaunting or downplaying.

Whichever Halloween costume you ultimately choose, it can be an expression of any individual, any persona, and can make you appear your absolute best. For additional marijuana Halloween costume suggestions and where you can buy them, there is a list below. If you notice one that you like find a good deal and then buy it. Hurry, the clock is ticking!

Have an awesome and safe Halloween.


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    • Katharella profile image


      6 years ago from Lost in America

      Totally awesome hub!!!! Groovy :) hehe...

      I love how people want legalization but don't promote! *love*=sarcasm ;) As the dear Pat Robertson says it's God plant.

      As others say, so is poison ivy - I'M NOT ALLERGIC :) In fact I grow ivy to keep people off my porch.


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