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Updated on December 14, 2012

David Shrewsbury has gone on to Heaven, but his stories and poems for all ages remain inspirational to us. This story, which is aimed at children, is just as pertinent for adults. His wife found this previously unpublished poem in his papers written on an envelope . What a treasure.

Birthday of Jesus

On Christmas Eve for every girl and boy

There is hope in the heart for some kind of toy

It’s Santa Claus down the chimney to come

The children’s hearts beating like a drum

Hope is dwelling in each and every heart

A new toy seeming like a brand new start

I’m hoping they know that the star shining bright

That the Christ Child came on this very night

That the hope is Jesus in all their hearts

And in their lives He will never part

That the parents will know and share that love

That the Father God sent down a clean white dove

This is my Son and I am well pleased

Accept Him children and He will fill all your needs

He is the son of God, He will show the way

To love, to live, to pray and play

So be assured on Christmas day as you open your presents and smile

Jesus is in your hearts and with you he is with us all the while

So as you have fun and play

Remember this is His birthday

Copyright©02David J Shrewsbury


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    • ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

      rOBERT hEWETT SR. 5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      Thank you Always exploring for reading on my page. Robert

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This is very beautiful. Thank you..