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Birthdays Observed Day!

Updated on September 9, 2014

Who? What? When? Where? Why? ... but not in that order.

WHAT: Put simply, Birthdays Observed Day is a day selected to celebrate birthdays that are totally unrelated to each other, such as with (a) twins or other multiples (b) by month (c) by shared status or (d) other selection process.

Examples: (a) Betty and Freddy Doe ... (b) my sister and her best friend born September 25th and 9th respectively ... (c) Presidents Day ... (d) Martin Luther King Day, observed 3rd Monday in January.

WHY: Birthdays Observed Day is an attempt to marry the ideas of a parent unimpressed by the tradition of celebrating birthdays due to her religious upbringing and that of her children who are surrounded by those who are fanatics of the same.

WHEN & WHERE & WHO: Birthdays Observed Day, referred to as BOD, was first celebrated March 2013 - the 3rd Saturday of the month in Orlando, FL. In 2014, the celebration was planned for September 2014 - the 3rd Saturday of the 3rd Quarter's 3rd month. As you may have noticed, there is a theme with the number 3. This is because, the ideator, was celebrating three birthdays - totally unrelated: July 19th, November 10th and December 3rd.


As hinted above, there already exists birthdays observed days, such as with important people who championed great causes or led extraordinary or large scale lives (MLK, presidents). Birthdays Observed Day is for the rest of us.

BOD - Means more ...

While Birthdays Observed Day began as a celebration of birthdays, it opened the door for sharing bunches of dreams and opened the conversation about how we can choose to react to different views in a way that builds or destroys relationships.

In addition to the number 3 theme, BOD was also a theme. Snacks and games contained the new celebration's letters "B" "O" D".

  • Bags of Doritos
  • Boxes of Donuts
  • Believe or Disbelieve (known more commonly as 2 Truths and a Lie)

Guests were invited to submit their best BOD phrase, and the winning phrase was Boulevard of Dreams.

BOD - Gets an Identity

In 2013, the highlight of the celebration was beginning to use the phrase "You know as they say on Birthdays Observed Day: One Man's Box Of Discards is another Man's Treasure Chest ." -- as if this had already been a long-standing tradition. This phrase was used when presenting the "Box of Discards", which was select items collected by the BOD family to be chosen by the guests as gifts/prizes. This BOD new phrase -- the equivalent of One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure -- may one day replace its predecessor. Or not. Just another one of a 'bunch of dreams'.

In 2014, other BOD facts and equivalents will be introduced.

  • The monkey is the official animal of BOD
  • Bananas is the official fruit
  • No cake! Official dessert is Ice Cream sandwiches


  • Penny Toss (How many pennies can you toss into a pail?)
  • Pin the tail on the monkey = Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Bag or Dare = Truth or Dare

Birth or Death?

Birthdays Observed Day has been referred to as a backwards way of celebrating birthdays. The quizzical look and question "Whose birthday is it?" are often a pair. But I believe BOD is a forward way of celebrating birthdays in a generation that majors in overloaded schedules, with free-time that is somewhat of a luxury. It is an opportunity to celebrate many - people, ideas, dreams and beliefs - in a grand way.

Birthdays Observed Day can be seen as the birth of a new idea and the death of judgement. A willingness to contribute to the everflowing river of things created that eventually becomes the loved traditions of generations later.

I am thankful for the willingness of my daughters* to accept this new tradition that somewhat limits the spotlight of the birthday girl, but highlights family fun & folly.

*NOTE: At the time of this writing, one of my daughters has requested that her 2015 birthday be on her actual date of birth.


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