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Baby Gift Ideas for Newborns 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Gifts for Newborn Babies

New babies often need specific equipment to make their lives more comfortable. Some of these newborn gift ideas will also make mom and dad's life easier as well.

Consider purchasing one of these items for someone you know who is expecting a baby, or has just had one.

Baby Gift Ideas for 2013

Summer Infant NewBorn Swaddlepod

It is a little known fact that many babies like to be swaddled. They are cooped up tight in mom's belly for 9 months and it is very comforting for them to be wrapped up tight.

This Summer Infant NewBorn Swaddlepod takes the hassle out of blanket swaddling. Often, an infant's arms and legs will find their way out of a blanket, therefore requiring you to rewrap them over and over again.

The Swaddlepod is made with a stretchy lycra fabric to give baby some room to move but still fits them firmly so they feel secure. Being swaddled also reduces the startle reflex that tends to interrupt a newborn's sleep. I especially love the two way zipper so I can keep baby swaddled while I change her diaper.

The only drawback I found to this swaddler is that a baby's arms have a tendency to find their way out. But overall, the design is good, the material is sturdy and it certainly helped my jumpy baby to relax.

This item comes in a size that is fitting for 0-3 month old babies and for 7-14 pounds. Give the gift of more restful sleep for baby, and for mom and dad.

Kiddopotamus Snuzzler

Newborn babies are so very soft; they slump, curl, and tip over no matter where you put them.

When your little one is riding in a car seat, you want them as safe and comfortable as possible, right? Most car seats do not come with much body support; usually only a mediocre horseshoe shaped pillow.

This Kiddopotamus Snuzzler gives your baby complete head and body support.

One of the great things about this device is that you can also use it in a stroller, bouncy seat, swing, etc. The terrycloth is plush and soft against my baby's skin and it does a great job of keeping her head where it needs to be instead of lolling to the side.

I was very impressed that it was made to fit most harness systems with no rethreading of straps at all; you simply place in in the seat and put your baby on top of it while still being able to strap them in.

There isn't extra padding on the back so that it is a safer fit within a harness system. It is washable, but you might want to consider washing on the gentle cycle with an air dry to keep the batting from crumpling.

Infantino Travel Gym

Even though newborns can't see very well at first, they can see contrast between colors pretty well. In the weeks after birth, their eyesight gets better and they are enthralled by bright colors.

Consider getting this Infantino Travel Gym to give baby some visual stimulation. This system will entertain a baby through sight, sound, and touch.

The best feature in my opinion is that it all zips up with a bag to make traveling with it very convenient. I also found that this makes a great option for when you are taking your little one to a babysitter.

The cute mat features a monkey theme and gives baby an opportunity to explore all the textures in front of them. A little tune even plays when the tail of the monkey is pulled. It is made for tummy time play or even back time play with the arch that can be attached above.

I did notice that the bar doesn't stay in place as sturdily as I would like but it didn't seem to keep my baby from enjoying it. It is a bit smaller than other mats on the market, but being able to take it with me conveniently is a great feature.

Gift Ideas for Newborns 2013

Boppy Newborn Lounger

Infants spend a lot of time on the floor, but you would also like them to be comfortable, right?

This Boppy Newborn Lounger is a great addition to the traditional baby gear since it gives your child a secure, and soft, place to lay down. The inside is concave to cradle your baby and keep him from rolling off easily, but it also offers a good deal of support as well.

I really liked the carrying handle, so it was easy to hold baby in one arm while carting this around the house. I have a baby who spits up a lot, so the easy clean fabric was very nice since all I had to do was wipe it clean.

The fabric is also machine washable but I would advise hand washing, or a gentle wash since the threading has been known to come undone. I've made sure to treat it gently when washing and it has lasted through our use just fine.

Even when your baby gets bigger, they will love having their own lounger to sit on, or lay on. So, it makes a fine gift for beyond the newborn stage

Disney Cuddly Bodysuits

One thing babies go through a lot of are onesies.

These are one piece articles of clothing that are usually worn under other clothes to help keep baby's core body temperature nice and warm. After all, they were in 97.1 degree fluid for nine months.

These Disney Cuddly Bodysuits are a great gift for new babies. Babies often spit up or have diaper leaks that can require them to be changed frequently, so having several on hand is very convenient.

This is a pack of 4 and is sure to please any Disney fan. They are also white for gender neutrality. However, if you would prefer some color on your baby, Disney offers colors and prints.

I was very impressed to find that the crotch has an extra row of snaps to accommodate a growing baby; this meant I didn't have to buy more onesies as often. They are also very soft with no pre washing necessary to soften.

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