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Baby shower theme ideas

Updated on November 15, 2012
themes for your baby shower
themes for your baby shower | Source

Themes for baby shower

Many couples are starting to throw more casual baby showers instead of the more traditional formal ladies party.There are many different unique themes you can have for a baby shower. Consider the following fun ideas adn some tips on how to plan a Baby Shower with unique themes for the new baby.

beach themed baby shower
beach themed baby shower | Source

Beach Baby Shower

If you live near a beach (or even if not) you can have a beach baby shower theme.A beach themed baby shower can be an exciting way to celebrate the birth of a new baby. You can actually have it right on the beach if you are located close enough. Otherwise you can decorate with things like shells and sand. The cake can be shaped like a seashell, and you can even give out little shells as party favors. You can even have the shower on a party boat if it would not get the mother-to-be seasick!

Dessert themed baby shower
Dessert themed baby shower | Source

Dessert baby shower

If you have a sweet tooth as many expectant mothers do, then you can make it a very "sweet" baby shower indeed. You can have a wide array of desserts from which to choose. The decorations can center around sweet treats and as a party favor you can give away little mints or candy bars with specially made wrappers.

Zoo baby shower

You can have an animal themed baby shower. Many zoos will actually host parties, either in a special room or outside among the animals. You can have party supplies and decorations with animals on them as well. You can also look at a wildlife preserve.

Flowers baby shower theme
Flowers baby shower theme | Source

Flowers baby shower theme

If you are having a little girl, then you can have a theme of flowers. You can put little vases of flowers everywhere. You can even give one to each person as a favor. You can place rose petals on the tables. You can make the cake look like flowers or have a real or silk flowers on it. You can also look for a botanical garden to have the baby shower at. You can also make it a gardening party and have everyone plant something in recognition of the new baby.

Renaissance themed baby shower
Renaissance themed baby shower | Source

Renaissance themed baby shower

If the mother to be likes the Renaissance, then you can use this as the theme for your baby shower. If it is during the time of a local Renaissance fair, then you might even be able to have the shower there. You can ask the guests to dress up in period clothing, and serve food like they had from back then. You can also have it at a place like Medieval Times.

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Baby Shower Themes and Centerpieces


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