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Back Alley Conversions.

Updated on October 1, 2009


Back alley conversion.

©-MFB III-Artwhimsically Yours Studio

  It was just an old whiskey crate,
the size of a small coffin,
made of splintered wood, and newspapers,
in which the newborn was laid,
by the fleeing teenaged mother.

The umbilical cord was freshly cut,
with a Swedish Army knife,
to free herself of the burden.

There was no room at her IN,
her IN with her friends,
for this lust luggage,
so she stuck the infant
in an old tin shed,
out back of a tavern,
where they stored empty cases.

It was here that the bums
gathered in awe and wonder,
that cold December eve.
Two stray dogs led them there.
The young, but sadly disheartened,
Molly who had a bad drug habit,
that drove her to being homeless.

Then there was the former carpenter
who had been laid off,
and now lived on the streets
begging small change for his life.

Three older but wiser
kings of the gutter, came next
men who had spent many years
foraging treasures from dumpsters.

They all gathered at this spot,
and gazed in awe at this tiny baby.

Each of the older, wiser men,
ran quickly to get sustanence for it,
bearing gifts on their return
such as a glass pint of creme, someone had  disposed of
with just a wee bit in the bottom,
heated over a bic lighter
and rubbed on the babys gums.

A tattered blanket of wool,
so dearly treasured in the icy cold,
but offered to warm this babe.

Plus an almost empty bottle of baby oil,
as well as a clean hanky still boxed
scrounged from behind a drug store,
to use on the baby's wet behind,
as they struggled to change it
and keep it warm.

Suddenly in that
small fragment of time
all of thier problems
became miniscule.

Molly who had always wanted a child,
but couldn't, saw hope in this baby
snuggled so warm in her arms,
as it clung to her as if she really mattered.

She became an instant mother that night.

The carpenter seeing the beauty of this act
began to fall in love with the baby,
and also looked at Molly in a new light.

The three old kings of the gutter
got even wiser, so moved were they,
by this tender waif,
left all alone without love,
and they began remembering
children and grandchildren
that they had long missed,
and so they each in time
staggered back to homes,
that held loved ones
they'd long ago deserted
and were welcomed with open arms.

Molly and the carpenter took the baby
to the Salvation Army shelter,
where they had been turned away
just hours before.

But this time because
they were a family
they had priority and it
got them room at that inn,
and then that same service found work
over the next three days
for the carpenter,
and for Molly,
which led to a small walkup apartment,
and a chance to be something
of worth for them both.

P a r e n t s.

The baby grew up to be
a very famous doctor,
who was responsible for curing
two forms of cancer
one which was breast,
and the other liver,
he saved many lives
because he was saved,
on that long ago night.

Of course, he was never told
the story of his rescue,
nor of the conversion
of five lost souls
in a back alley
on Christmas eve.
Though it wouldn't
have changed a thing.


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