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Back Registering Dream

Updated on January 15, 2016

Back Registering Dream

New Year is a major event that is eagerly awaited and celebrated by most people every year, not least the new year 2016 has been a few days we are going through. Not a few people who spend a lot of money to take part in New Year brighten highlights. The new year also become a means for children to play fireworks, exploding fireworks, until a wild race in the middle of the glitter of the city. This phenomenon is often found in each year.

Then, if the phenomenon is worthy of a tradition passed down from one generation to the next? It seems not. And it seems there is no benefit after we celebrate this tradition, except for sheer pleasure. And mirisnya, the fun seems only felt by some people, and some even feel disturbed by such activities.

How come? In the middle of the night that was supposed to be the best event for families to reflect on themselves about what has been missed and done during the year backward even disturbed by the activity of fireworks, firecrackers, and racing. There is no rest obtained at all. Especially for those who live in the city center, riuhnya such activities can not be avoided anymore.

New Year should be an introspection instead ends with death. How many accidents are caused by the activity of the spree Spree. Fires often occur due to negligence during the burn firecrackers. The accident occurred when the train motors berbalap-wild race each other. And mirisnya, the crash was not just happen to people who meyemarakkan new year, but people who are innocent also affected.

Annual phenomenon

How many people were sauntering down the street suddenly have died and how many children to be taken to the hospital emergency room on New Years Eve. This is not a two-time events, but a phenomenon that occurs almost every year. If society does not take a lesson from the incident.

Related to this, Umar bin Khattab once warned: "Avoid the enemies of Allah on the momentum of their feast." (HR. Baihaqi). Abdullah bin Amr bin Ash also once said: "Those who live in the land of the ajam (non-Muslims) and celebrate the feast Nairuz and Mahrajan with them and come to resemble them, and then he died in such circumstances, then on the last day later he will be resurrected with them. "(Sunan Al Kubro vol: 9/243).

But what was the feast Nairuz? The words were like strangers. Rarely heard. Except for people who enjoy reading and studying properly all the traditions of the Prophet. But apparently the feast Nairuz the Zoroastrian New Year celebration. If we already know what the new year AD, then that is what is called the feast Nairuz.

Atsar-atsar of him above we know that the people who helped celebrate the new year so he became their class. Messenger of Allah said: "Whoever imitates a people, then he is part of the clan."

Not terrible consequences to be borne? Then we should all keep away from it. Therefore more safely and soul. Concerning heaven and hell nobody knew. However, it would be wise if we abandon all restrictions that plunges us into the abyss of regret. Why should we have to spend time to celebrate the feast of other people? Instead we have the feast itself full of blessings? So when the crucial moment came in each year. Be excited for him. Not the other way, to show indifference. But to celebrate the feast that does not belong to us, instead we are becoming the most cutting edge. Na'udzubillahi dzalik min.

Alhamdulillah in Aceh alone, an appeal to the New Year celebration is very diwanti cautioned. The activists come down to the field to ensure the absence of rah-rah action undertaken Muslims in order to welcome the new year. Da'wah ceaselessly delivered with zeal. Afraid if God punish because people who know each other do not remind. Indeed, such a beautiful atmosphere sorely missed. In this age are too many people who start no matter the circumstances around him. If any matter, maybe it will just donate like in facebook.Fenomena that should make us cry. Because we continue to erode the social life from day to day.

Registering dream

Regarding the new year is actually a lot of positive things that we can do without spending a lot of money. Supposedly momentum turn of the year, we individually or group back to review the activities or the dreams that we want to accomplish this year; Evaluate them, and then re-register the many dreams that have not been achieved in order to be implemented wisely in the coming year.

Bribadi become wise, it is fitting we require to live with various plans and strategies. Not only through each day without meaning. If that was the case, it is certain that we have just lived will be filled with meaningless activities such as laughter, social media, shopping, and various other things.

We need to know that every soul has a soul. If we do not take advantage of the spirit to do good. Then the other roaming spirit ready to decorate this yourself. This world is really very neglect. Too much is demanded of social media for our own times. After have it, we are forced or not should take care. And it takes no less. It seems very difficult if we only open social network in less than 30 minutes. Even if we could do it, in a day that maybe we will re-open at any other time. That's not to mention if we multiply the various social networks that we have. Starting from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Bbm, Line, WhatsApp, and more. All that seemed to bind our network. Make we can never get away or maybe release it. In fact, many things are much more helpful we can do.

Back consider the purpose of life, is actually the main purpose of life is the Hereafter. Life only becomes an intermediary to achieve something definite. An eternity promised. Then it is fitting for us to make each event in addition to charity in order to achieve the hereafter. Too unfortunate if every second from the moment our lives are filled with laughter without meaning. The world is filled with a variety of activities that is extremely neglect. Well!


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