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Background on Halloween

Updated on August 2, 2017

Halloween Night

Halloween, the word brings about limitless possibilities to mind and the thought of candy isn't bad either. What is Halloween? When someone thinks of Halloween do they think it is limitless? Or do they think of the limitless things they can be? Halloween is, Dressing up and going out to people's houses to collect limitless amounts of candy after all. What are Some people might say that it is a day where limitless or lots of candy is given out to kids. Others may say it is a time where kids get all dressed up in costumes of their choice and go door to door asking people for candy. Kids may say "Happy Halloween or trick or treat," when they come to the door. Kids have been going out for Halloween and asking their neighbors friends and other neighborhoods for candy. By saying trick or treat. But let's think about this for a moment how long has Halloween been going, on? According to Yahoo answers, Halloween has been going on for 2000, years which seems limitless wouldn't you say? You would never guess where Halloween Originated from, though. Some people may say England or maybe the U.S.A. but neither of those answers is true, Halloween Originated in Ireland.

Who is Halloween, for? Well, people would say, kids and that is true. But what parent doesn’t like seeing their child dress up and handing out candy. Some parents even dress up with their child and take them out to go tricker treating. What is the best thing about trickier treating? Every person you ask that question too will have a different answer, but in the end, it all comes down to one thing. The candy, doesn’t everyone love candy? When you hear the word Halloween what do you think of? Candy right. Halloween is a day, once a year where you get to dress up as your favorite character and go out to get limitless amounts of candy and treats.

Every kid likes candy and treats, which is why they like going out to get the candy. Most of the time if you watch people trickier treat, you hear them say oh look at all the nice treats I get to choose from to take to school tomorrow. That is what all the kids think of, is what kind of candy they can bring to school the next day. Halloween is more for the younger kids because they get to dress up at school, or at least that is what they get to do in High school. In grade school they get, to wear black and orange and they get to eat candy and do, all the Halloween crafts known to man.

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Halloween Oh What Fun It Is

I loved being in grade school during Halloween because we got to eat candy and do Halloween crafts. I remember, going to the infamous Halloween party. I have been to three Halloween parties in my life I attended, it was at a friend’s house they lived on a farm and we had it in their barn, they had apple bobbing and a hayride along with a lot of food. During the Halloween party, I spent the entire night bobbing for apples which meant all the costume makeup to make me look like my character that I was that night came off.

A few years later my aunt had a Halloween party it was great and then my parents threw one. There were so much food and candy it felt as though there were limitless amounts. That was the last of the Halloween parties but, aren’t Halloween parties fun and exciting? What do you like about Halloween? For me, it’s the candy, but not on Halloween, going out to get it on the first of November, is a lot better it is cheaper and there is a great selection. What about carving pumpkins and getting your house all decorated for Halloween. Do other people do that and what do you do? Or do you not like Halloween at all, I used to like it when I was younger but as I got older I didn't like it so much anymore the candy is a nice touch but other than that, I don't like it. Do you? But on Halloween night people feel limitless because they get to dress up as their favorite character which they believe to be limitless, also since when you dress up as your favorite superhero, you feel as though you have their powers, which is what makes you feel limitless. Doesn't it?

Halloween night is meant to make everyone feel limitless because when you dress up like your favorite superhero you feel as though you are actually that person. Whether that person is real or just make believe you feel like you can do the limitless things that they can do when you see them on television and so on. Halloween night is meant for people, kids in particular to feel limitless dressed up in their costumes. I never thought about Halloween like that until this year, but now that I have thought about it I realize that the reason why Halloween has so many scary characters is because the scary characters were the characters you saw on television who were limitless or at leas that were how they felt. So now the kids who are dressed up like the characters who thought that they were limitless, think the same thing and on Halloween that is what we are supposed to let them think, it is kind of cute to see them act that way in my opinion.

Halloween is all about the treats, more so the candy and pop than anything else. That is why there is hype surrounding it because it makes kids hyper with all the sugary sweets that they get. Do you see what I did there I rhymed without even meaning to a little bit at least? Halloween night is meant for kids to be hyper and excited about everything that they are going to get when they go door to door limitlessly saying trick or treat don't you think?

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

Halloween Comes But Once A Year

Halloween is the one time of year, you can dress up as whatever you want and not get funny looks for it. It is also the one night a year you can go from door to door asking for candy and it will be given to you. It is a limitless amount of fun to go from house to house asking for candy, and most kids get to stay up later because Halloween is kind of like a fun holiday for them even though it is not an actual holiday bedtimes are pushed because who doesn't want their kids to have fun? Most parents do want their kids to have limitless amounts of fun on Halloween so that is why they let them stay out a bit later. Halloween is only once a year so why not have a limitless amount of fun once a year?

What do you think the background on Halloween is? Do you think Halloween is Limitlessly Fun Let's Discuss

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