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Ballet Apparel For Your Ballerina

Updated on August 22, 2013

The Magic of Dance

As a young girl, I remember my fascination with dance. I wanted to be a beautiful ballerina and dance when I grew up. How many of our daughters and granddaughters are now in that place? They long to be beautiful, dress like a ballerina, and dance.

Christmas is coming and what a wonderful time to find the perfect gift for these young ladies. Perhaps you have someone in your family who is now dancing as an adult or teaching the little ballerinas. Ballerina items are inexpensive, yet attractive gifts. They appeal to the imagination and dreams for the future.

The Tutu

The tutu is a wonderful dance item for any age of child. They come in an array of colors and styles. Whether white or bright purple, this light frilly garment will light up your ballerina's eyes.

If your daughter/granddaughter is not in a class, but loves the allure of the ballet dancer, a tutu can be purchased to wear during dress-up play time. Any little girl will feel special with a colorful tutu.

Ballet Slippers

There are two types of ballet shoes. The ballet slipper is for the dance. A beginner or more advanced dancer will require these shoes for their attire. These comfortable slippers come in pink or black. Little girls most often request the pink color since it goes best with the other pink attire.

The other style of ballet shoe is a dress shoe. These come in a variety of colors and styles, but are usually flat and prissy in nature. Little girls love to wear them with their dresses.

The Leotard

A leotard is worn for dance classes and practice. It is a comfortable item your ballerina will love to wear. A leotard and complementary tutu will add fun to the outfit. Leotards and tutu colors are often designated for dance recitals so that the class will appear uniform.

Tote Bags

A ballerina tote bag or lunch box will prove most popular with your little one. Your ballerina can carry their slippers in one of these bags to class. Most of the class attenders wear street shoes to class and change shoes before dancing. Pink is a popular color for these bags.


Your princess will love a pink ballerina jacket to cover her leotards. On a cool evening, the warmth will be appreciated. Jackets are a smart purchase.

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It's That Season Again

When school starts, many ballet classes begin their Fall season. The kickoff is just aroung the corner. With Christmas just a few months away, it is a wonderful time to plan and purchase those special items. Find something spectacular for this Holiday. Enjoy your Season and your shopping!


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