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Ballerina Party Ideas That Are Right On Pointe!

Updated on June 2, 2011

If your daughter dreams of everything pink and sees through tulle-covered glasses, perhaps it's time for a ballerina party. The following are a few ideas to help you create that special party for your little ballerina.

First of all, since you are hosting a kid's party, it would be a good idea to enlist the help of some parents to ease the burden and responsibility. Believe me, when things get into full-swing, you will welcome the assistance.

Ballerina Party Decorating Ideas

Place bouquets of pale pink and white balloons throughout the room. Polka dot balloons in these colors are also a nice add-on.

Hang pink and white twisted streamers throughout the room. For added oomph, cover the entire ceiling with streamers alternating the colors until it is completely covered. This will definitely take some time to accomplish, so it is best to do it a day or two before the party.

Create a ballet dancer centerpiece by using a Barbie type of doll as the base. Put a pink leotard on her and then create a full-length pink tulle skirt that is full and covers her legs entirely. Place her feet into soft clay and place onto a plate to keep her in an upright position.

Set your table in ballet splendor using a crisp white linen tablecloth and top it off with a pale pink runner or vice-versa. Fold cloth napkins into swan shapes and set at each place setting. An easier and less time-consuming option would be to just roll up the napkins and tie them off with pink and white curling ribbons.

Be sure to toss some ballerina theme confetti onto the table for added sparkle.

Ballerina Relay Game

This is a game that provides the fun of a relay, along with the enjoyment of ballet movements. If you have not requested your little dancers come dressed in tutus, then you will want to provide them at the party. They are really simple to make. All you have to do is use heavy string and a darning needle to thread through several layers of tulle, knot the end of the string and leave a piece of string hanging to tie around the kids' waists.

Write the names of the participants on pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. Then ask a parent to pull out the papers, one at a time. With the sequence of the names announced, simply create the teams accordingly.

Then each team needs to run a relay on tiptoes in which they will move across the room like a ballerina. They will need to wear their tutu and pirouette 3 times and return back to their teammates. You can also add other ballet moves for them to do like a grand plie', arabesque, a curtsey, etc. The team who completes this in the least amount time shall be the winners.

Musical Ballerina

This game is played like musical chairs, except you will play ballet-related music in the background and the kids will have to dance around the chairs rather than walk.

Tippy-Toe Contest

Have all your little ones compete against one another to see who can stay on their tippy toes the longest time and walk around the room.

All of these cute ideas for your child’s ballerina party will help her guests feel like they are both special and truly pretty ballerinas!


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