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Balloons Filled With Gifts and Surprises

Updated on March 3, 2016

Every time when you gift something, you try to make it special. Adding creative fillings to the balloons can make it more exciting and fun to send and receive. Balloons are in demand as they are no more used for decoration but also are used to express one's feelings. They make every occasion special and fun with its visual charm.

Make balloons gift a creative surprise by filling it with different types of stuff that will uplift the whole look of balloon.

Here is what you can fill in the balloons to make it a surprising and creative gift for every expression and occasion:


1. Glitters and Confetti :

To make Glitters and Confetti filled balloons simply grab a clear balloon that will give a transparent visual to see filled fillings. Get some colorful or mono color glitters to fill or use tissue confetti. Fold tissue confetti's in small size. Using little tube of confetti will help to push them in easily.

Once you are satisfied with the fillings that you wanted to add in, blow up the balloons. With ribbon, you can add more creative touch to the whole gift idea.

The confetti's are pulled up after an hour's time. This makes it a perfect gift to send on any occasion.

This type of balloons can be used for decoration at parties, wedding and also make a perfect gift to surprise her on any occasion.


2. Stuff animals :

It is an exciting world of balloon stuffing. Stuffing stuffed animal in balloon is possible. Here is how you can do it. It might sound difficult and impossible but with few steps and efforts you can get it done in a right way.

Firstly choose any stuffed animal that you wish to add in. Make sure, the size of toy is not bigger than balloon size. To do this, having a keepsake stuffer will be useful and is important as well. While unpacking, make sure it is properly UN-winded. There are different types of keepsake stuffers available that vary in size. Make sure which size you order.

Before starting check you have everything handy. All you need is Balloons, Stuffed toy, and Keepsake stuffer. Keep surrounding free and clean so that there is no disturbance while doing it.

It is advisable to wear eye glasses to protect from any incidence while working. Without damaging chamber top lip, put a balloon. Now set the balloon as per directed in the keepsake stuffer manual. You can also do it manually by expanding mouth of balloon and stuffing stuffed animal in it.

Having a Keepsake stuffer to do it is the best way. Do not try without any precision. The results after all the efforts are simply mind-blowing.

last image of right side show you how big package you have to take for this particular product.

3. Sweets :

Balloon and sweets is a perfect combination for kids, especially when you want to make their day as special as yours. There are many ways to get this creativity work, simply grab a tube with big mouth so that you can pass through sweets to the balloons.

Expand the balloon mouth and wind it with the tube mouth like you create a path to pass sweets from tube into the balloons.

Use transparent balloon for this as it will let you know the exciting surprise is waiting inside the balloon.

There are many ways to present this idea. You can create different shapes from balloon and fill in sweets in a creative way. It can be a centerpiece at the party or a perfect holiday wish for little one. However, adults too can enjoy this creative gift on special occasion.

You can choose kinds of sweets that you wish to insert in. Chocolates, candies and taffies make a right choice.


4. Feathers :

Balloons are perfect way to well the arrival of new baby into the family. Send pink of blue balloon to celebrate the arrival of new born baby.

This balloon craft idea can make a perfect decoration for baby shower ceremony.

Feather balloons are nothing but balloons stuffed with feather of different color. Using transparent color balloons, blue or pink feathers are stuffed in. To do this, not much efforts are needed.

To make this more beautiful and cuter, Ribbon tied at the tip of balloons is made with paper stars, moon and flowers.

If you are filling Blue feathers in the balloon, starts and moon in the color of blue attached to the ribbon can make it look prettier and beautiful. The whole concept cam be personalized By adding message at the checkout point.

Pictures on the right side display different colors of feathers filled in balloon. You can make your choice of feather color by your own. Just paint the feather in different color and your new style make you different from others.


5. Money :

As a kid, you always were excited for the occasions that helped you fill your piggy bank. think about EID! But Christmas sounds more exciting because of bright colors, lights and creativity around you.

Gifting money in a creative way is just the perfect wish and blessing you can gift your little ones. Balloons and money might sound you little uncommon combination, but when you do it, it will tell you why they are special.

To do so, all you need is transparent balloon, money that you wish to send and few confetti's to glam up the set up.

Popping balloons with money can be most creative and cheerful way to make recipient happy.

6. Helium Gas :

Helium is the second lightest gas. Balloons with helium gas make a perfect surprise for your loved ones. Think about floating balloons, isn't it amazing when you see balloons floating around you above your head.

With the helium gas balloons, decorating ceiling or a table at the party make a beautiful visual surprise for guests. For birthday surprise decorate bedroom ceiling with helium balloon floating in the air and tie ribbon that floats downwards.

There are many other way to utilize the floating quality of these balloons. You can ties photographs hanging to the balloons that will take you to the room full of memories and happiness.

7. LED :

Brighten up the evening with LED balloons. This is a perfect reason to skip huge lanterns, lights, and strings of lights. There are many funky and fun LED balloons available in many ideas. They are timeless and can be used for any age group.

Get your own LED balloons by simply using LED Lights. Purchase LED lights with a single tube and fit them inside the balloon in a way that it will glow up the balloon look at night. LED lights in the helium balloons floating all over the ceiling makes the room look beautiful and romantic.

Gum Balls at Party
Gum Balls at Party | Source

8. Balloons

The art of putting smaller balloons into a large one has evolved over the years. They are called “Gumballs”, are great to add an extra accent to your bouquet, column or any occasion.

There are two ways to stuff balloons:

  1. Use of balloons stuffer machine which is costly.
  2. Use below manual method and follow all the instruction carefully .

How to stuff a balloon manually

  • Buy balloons that are large enough to stuff (typically 18" balloons or bigger).
  • Stretch open the top of an already deflated and pre-stretched balloon.
  • Take the object that you want to place inside the balloon. Begin to place the balloon neck over the item. Inserting a PVC pipe into the balloon neck, as mentioned above, will make it easier to slip the object inside.
  • After you finish stuffing the balloon, blow it up. The stuffed object inside the balloon should be free to float around.
  • Tie the balloon close as you normally do.

Note : Big balloons must be transparent otherwise you can't see small balloons inside.

9. Gift Card and Messages

Send Messages and gift cards along with balloon in a creative way so that your expression is more beatified. Like other creative way, sending gift card balloon can be a good idea too!

Follow below steps to enter gift card in Balloon:

  • Open entrance of balloon : Pre-stretch the balloon just like you would if you were going to blow it up immediately. Using your fingers, stretch the edge of the balloon as wide as possible and slide it over the gift card width-wise. Stretching more than just the rim will help get the balloon over the card without ripping the latex.
  • Shimmy further : With the balloon lip over the front edge of the card, slide the back end of the balloon onto the gift card while shimmying the front of the balloon further onto the card–work it on slowly, going from side to side.
  • Blow into balloon : When you finally get the balloon opening to the other side of the gift card (and it looks like a snake that swallowed a baby rodent), blow into the balloon. The balloon should fill up with air, allowing the gift card to fully drop inside. Tie a knot in the end of the balloon, and you’re done.

It is recommended to use colorful balloon with some polka dots and other design to glam it up.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

10. Engagement Ring

Hiding Engagement ring in the balloon is the most exciting and inexpensive way to express in a different approach. Imagine, a balloon popping and a pure diamond ring falling into your fiance's hands. She definitely never expects this type of surprise.

When the balloon with Ring is received, there is a big fat smile on your loved ones face that says it all. There are many ways you can use this idea to present, hand the balloon on ceiling, tie it at the door or even send it in a box packed like a bog gift.


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